plain white sweatshirt hoodie Monday Morning News Roundup

by: INGOR     2019-08-17
plain white sweatshirt hoodie Monday Morning News Roundup
The Alameda County coroner's bureau announced Sunday night the names of seven of the 33 victims found in the wreckage of the Oakland Ghost Ship warehouse fire so far.The seven victims identified were 22-year-old cash skew, 24-year-old David Crane, 35-year-old Travis Hove, 32-year-old Donna Kellogg, all AucklandHall, 25, is from coron nadado in San Diego County, Sarah Hoda, 30, Walnut Creek in Hayward, 32, and Brandon wittennell.A17 is a person who has identified and notified his familyyear-Old man whose name will not be published.According to the Alameda County Sheriff ssgt, the death toll from the fire in the destroyed warehouse ghost boat rose to 33 on Sunday.Ray Kelly.As of 3:15 p.m.Staff have searched approximately 40% of Building 1305, 31 th Street.Kelly said at a press conference.Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf says the Alameda County district attorney's office has begun a criminal investigation into the tragic fire."We are doing everything we can to preserve the evidence," Schaaf said ."."We want to find out how this happened."Some of the victims includeU.S.According to Kelly.Kelly also confirmed that one of the victims was the son of the deputy chief of the annameda county sheriff."When we deal with other victims, we are still dealing with this and our department is being hurt," Kelly said .".The officer of the sheriff asked anyone wishing to identify the victim to keep the victim's DNA from items such as a used hair brush or toothbrush.The items should be placed in a paper bag to preserve their DNA, Kelly said.The family assistance center was established on 2425 East 12 th.Provide resources and counselling to the families and friends of the victims.Just after 11: 30, the fire happened.m.On a ghost boat used collectively by an artist.On Friday night, people promoted the "Golden Donna 100% Silk 2016 West Coast Tour" on Facebook "."Musician Joel Shanahan's alias Golden Donna posted a statement on Facebook on Saturday about the fire.Joel is safe, but like many, he is broken and there are a few friends among the missing, "the statement said."Send love to everyone affected by this terrible event.Los Angeles-Music label 100% Silk, headquartered, also issued a statement about Friday night's fire."What happened in Auckland was an incredible tragedy, a nightmare," the statement said ."."We are a very close community of artists and we are all praying to send love and condolences to all those involved and their families."The warehouse is clearly the subject of some recent complaints.According to Sabrina Landreth, Auckland city administrator, the building was allowed to be used as a warehouse for the last time.A notice of violation was issued on November.According to the city records, the "residential main building renovation" on "a ton of garbage piled up on the property ".Visit a city inspector of the building in November.According to Landreth's office, 17 has verified the complaint but is unable to enter the internal structure for confirmation.Darin Ranelletti, director of planning and construction in Auckland, said on Saturday that the building is not legally allowed for any use except for awarehouse, adding that Friday's party is not by the city"This is the deadliest fire in Auckland's history," said Melinda Drayton, the 19-year-old fire brigade captain.Sunday morning said veterans who worked in the Department for a year."It's tragic to watch so many people die in the fire."On November, a student at the University of California, Berkeley, was sexually assaulted on his way home and is currently being treated in hospital.Campus police said Saturday.At about 10: 30, the student departed from BART station in downtown Berkeley.m.Police said when she was sexually assaulted for her intention to rape.She fought back and managed to escape.The campus security department reported the incident to the university police on Friday, but the police have not yet determined the exact location of the incident.The suspect was described as a white man among him.Height 6 feet 2 inch, weight 220 pounds, muscle developed.His hair was short, light brown, and some stubble.The man is wearing an apartment.White stitching, dark jeans, dark shoes and a pure white T-Shirt under Ablack and red velvet shirt.The suspect did not appear to be homeless, police said.Two firefighters were injured in a possible explosion.A fire official said a fire broke out Sunday afternoon in the unregistered Redwood City.The first fire was reported at 2: 22.m.651 Vista Avenue in Emerald Lake area.Fire department officials in Redwood City said on Twitter at 4: 51 that firefighters had burns on their faces and were taken to the Santa Clara Valley Medical Centerm.Firefighters will be released shortly after treatment.California fire Assistant Director Mark steward said no one else was injured.Three fires burned.story, single-Family homes that may not be able to live now, the housekeeper said.At the time of the fire, the residents were not at home and are now living with their families.The building officer will decide whether or not the house is considered unsuitable for living, the housekeeper said.The firefighters were not sure what exploded.The flight attendant said that the cause of the fire was under investigation and fire officials did not suspect foul behavior, but they did not rule it out until the investigators completed their work.Police said eight to ten burglary suspects hit a rented car on the front glass window of the Palo Alto Apple store early Sunday morning and bought many items.The dispatcher received a call at 4: 38 in the morning.m.A car accident at storeat 340 University AvenueFour people, including two Oakland teenagers, were arrested, according to police.Two teenagers aged 16 and 17 were taken to the Santa Clara County junior Hall.The police said their names were not published because they were minors.Police also arrested 19-year-Old Shagin Ferguson, who has no permanent address, was released on parole for violating weapons.Police also arrested 18year-Old Oakland woman Erica WhiteFerguson and White were taken to Santa Clara County prison for alleged burglary, vandalism and conspiracy.Witnesses told police they saw multiple people fleeing from the area after the accident.Police say they found a gray 2016 Kia Soul on the sidewalk in front of the store.The Kachin Independence Army was severely damaged, police said.According to the video surveillance reviewed by the police, the suspect was able to use Kia to make a small hole in front of the store and enter the store through the hole to complete the theft.Police also found another abandoned car, a black 2013 modern sonata, in the alley opposite the Apple store.It is said that many computers and telephones are scattered on the nearby ground.All suspects were allegedly wearing masked jerseys with a hood.Police said they were unable to tell the person's gender, race or age from the video because the suspect's Hood had been opened.Investigators are investigating whether the theft has any connection to other cases at Apple stores in the Bay Area.Police say someone was shot dead Saturday night in East Oakland.The shooting reportedly took place at 5: 37.m.9300 block Sunnyside StreetAccording to police, the victim was hit by a bullet and taken to hospital, where he was in stable condition on Sunday morning.A suspect has been identified.The man was not arrested.The second victim walked with the injured victim, but the second victim was not hit by a bullet.The California fire chief said three people trapped on the beach off the coast of San Mateo County were rescued Saturday afternoon by tides and steep terrain.Firefighters responded at 12: 11.m.On a capsize ship near Cowell.Ali Delai said the intersection of the prisima trail and Highway 1 with Cape Verde Road.Three people on board, about 16-The foot boat is fishing on the rocks when the boat loses power and flips.All three were able to get to the beach but they were in C-Due to the high tide and the steep cliff behind, the bay is formed.Firefighters found a path on the cliff. they helped two people on a walking tour.The third person was carried out by the AU crew.S.Coast Guard helicopters, Delay said.All three were treated and released by the caregiver at the scene.Coast guard officials are working with the captain of the ship.One of the three sailors unloaded the fuel tank from the ship and temporarily placed it on a cliff so that the fuel would not enter the ocean.There will be partly cloudy today, with a high point under the age of 50.The northwest wind will reach 10 to 20 miles per hour.It will be cloudy tonight and there will be some viewers after midnight.The north wind reaches 5 to 15 miles per hour, and the low will be in his 40 s.Cloudy on Tuesday morning, partly cloudy.The high point will be under the age of 50, with a 20% chance of showers.The northwest wind will reach 5 to 15 miles per hour and 15 to 20 miles per hour in the afternoon.
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