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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-19
What is capri pants?They stop short pants in the middlecalf.They are very fashionable and can be matched in many ways.Because they are versatile, women of any height or figure can use it.
First of all, what you need to do is evaluate the shape of your body, away from the pants above the lower leg or the pants with too thin legs.The best option is for the shape to fit and the bottom to burn slightly to emphasize the shape of your body.It would be wise to choose the flat-headed style pants instead of the pleats and stay away from the big pattern as it will make you look a little bigger than usual.
Accessorize!Most women knowYou can never have too many shoes, so buying the right one according to the width of the pants is a good start.Wide leg wedges are the best fit, while straight leg pants go well with flat and small heels.Put on some accessories, while taking advantage of the pants cut, it will also make you look elegant and beautiful.
You can consider wearing an ankle bracelet, and maybe those very eye-catching shoes you want to show off.You look comfortable.Like these pants.Just add a cardigan or collar shirt to make the business look better, why not wear an elegant shirt and high heels to create a female look?Besides, it is good to choose a close friendThree-piece fitted jacketquarter-length sleeves.Why not try to wear a fitting polo shirt and sneakers for the sport's look.
When you know how to match these pants, its flexibility is endless.For any self-Evaluation, it is good to have a full length mirror in front of you.Capri pants also have leather, silk and denimSo make sure you buy them to suit any occasion and clothing.
Wear it with small sandals, kitten heels or flat shoes.Avoid wearing high heels with your Capris.• Buy Capris in mid autumncalf.Choose the Capris of linen, stretch cotton or silk for the company's appearance, with a sweater or cardigan.
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