patterned fitness tights The cliques, the clothes, the quizzes

by: INGOR     2019-08-22
patterned fitness tights The cliques, the clothes, the quizzes
2004-02-04:00:00 PDT, New York--Wednesday: as fashion week progressed, I remembered staying in a tent all day like going back to high school ---Quiz, what clothes to wear.(Is such-and-Is such a designer ironic?What the hell is a costume and Super trying to use those silk paisley piano shawlslong fringes?) This particular quiz popped up on the Michael Kors show.He always pays tribute to a certain place and time;In the spring, he had a pleasant holiday to the contemporary island of Capri.This time, even if it's an openBook test (we have Program notes on our chair), I don't quite understand.I also participated in the simple John watanos collection, among other shows;The elegant craftsmanship of Proenza schooner;Anna Sue is known for her fun retro style (and the amazing Naomi Campbell open and close her show ).As I mentioned on Thursday, the shrug is all over again today, this time on the Fox and Coyotes of Michael Cole and Anna Sue.I saw a shrug in the cable.Knitted wool, velvet and satin.This trend seems to have legs.I think a shrug will be a new package.-Dressed in faux or real fur, paired with evening dress (no longer trying to keep the position of the shawl), wearing light-colored fabrics during the day.Best show I missed: Moulin Rouge/Cirque du Soleil-Inspired by a group of San Francisco designers who claim to be Arlequin.But I caught up with them today.Courtney Love and Britney bras have put on their silk, lace and leather bodice tops and dresses on stage.Underground art scene from San Francisco, 24-year-old Marcelle Seeling, 30-year-old May Nogoy and 25-year-old Alex Lugo are part of the "intimate touch, the "intimate tribe" of Creative Performing artists"After the 90 s, Seeling says, it's like those in dance mission, unlimited chaos, and free magazine.The three now live in Argentina and live in Bali, Hong Kong and Tokyo."San Francisco is so inspiring, but you have to travel, see new colors and have new adventures," Seeling said .".The sisters danced enough twi to rotate on the runway-Dyed blue Chantilly lace wedding dress, front and wrinkled train;In a range of bras made of champagne silk, black Chantilly lace and brown leather rolled ---When they were lifted up, the dress turned into an umbrella.This is Arlequin's first fashion show sponsored by Mao space in Atlas, nurturing young designers."We told the model not to do that kind of stom foot thing, but to feel music, to be happy and to have fun," Nogoy said .".Designers say they miss San Francisco, especially this mission, and they have been talking to family and friends about going back for a long visit."After the excitement in New York, we were thinking, let's go home and perform, maybe in the garden of Yerba Buena or BART station," Nogoy said .".Earlier in the day, I took part in the performance of Kors.Based on program notes, the series is spread directly to Brad, Jennifer, Kate, and Chris based on "Carly and James, Warren and Julie.He showed paisley silk cloak with long stripes and maxi coatthe-Dress with striped shoulder scarf;A chocolate suede miniskirt with stripes behind his knee;Big and lazy hippie bag;And farmers' skirts.Have a lovely bodyTight cable knit tank and some straight tube worn on gold tulle pearl skirtSexy Pearl evening dress.In the front row, Christine Davis will not burst with a big smile.(I can't imagine her wearing those fringe outfits.) But, Kors 'GoodBreeding customers may just eat them and they will be wearing Sunday brunch by the pool.Proenza schooner sent out a well together.Crafted series in navy, armed metal, black and gray tones with two colorsToned bodice top and engraved, curved jacketLike pants under the knee.They matched the silver sequins with the curved black.and-White coat with shoulder collar and black leggings;A tight black wool jersey skirt with a bodice top;A mink sequins coat with a belt;Embroidered feather skirt across the knee;Black dress leggings, black jewelry instead of satin stripes."This week's news is all about new ways to mix and match," said Kal rut, fashion director at Bloomingdale, after the show.Anna Sui is mixed with her usual discard, in a soft, open cardigan with a ribbon border and a small bow or beading.She makes a crumpled plaid jacket on black denim jeans, a few denim jewelry jeans jackets, a satin petticoat, and a vintage quilting flat velvet bed jacket.She shows all her clothes and skirts with bright or patterned tights, which is different from the bare legs on other runways.One of the few designers this season who don't have a mix of patterns is John vautos, his quiet, luxurious, men's and women's collection ---Shades of copper, Brown and midnightblue --Including sheepskin vest with hat, WingA pointed boot with a peak lapelsButton set, wool sateen shoulder collar dress with men's fur lapels.For women, there are tweed coats, dresses, high boots, cardigan and simple silky dresses.
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