Parents aren’t happy with this school’s new uniform policy - blue and white sweatshirt

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2019-08-26
Parents aren’t happy with this school’s new uniform policy  -  blue and white sweatshirt
The decision to launch a new uniform sparked controversy at a school in cam County.
Two weeks ago, the parents of the Santa Nuz Longsha College were told they planned to introduce a new-
The principal of the school said it would "instill a sense of identity, pride and belonging ".
However, the decision to launch a new school uniform in September, giving parents just eight months to replace their child's entire school wardrobe, has sparked outrage at the school gate.
Parents claim they have spent up to £ 150 on their uniforms this year and have no idea they need to replace them so quickly.
Calling on schools to delay the launch of new uniforms has attracted more than 680 signatures.
It said: "While we want our children to look smart and follow the uniform rules, we feel the deadline for the launch of the new uniform (September 2018)
This is an unreasonable expectation that we need a longer staging before the existing uniforms are out of date.
"Many parents buy school uniforms of larger sizes to ensure that clothes can last longer, saving on replacement costs.
"So the expectation for parents is that school uniforms will still be used in the next school year.
In a letter to parents on January 19, Principal Martin Paine said: "We want our students to live comfortably in school and to ensure high standards and consistency.
"Many items in the new uniform will be obtained from SWI school wear, the school's current uniform supplier.
It will be adopted by all students in 7 to 10 years.
10 in that year (
11 years next year)
New uniforms will be available to choose from or continue with their current uniforms.
The new uniform will replace the current one, which consists of navy blue polo shirts and jerseys with school signs and black trousers.
Students can wear black sneakers now, but they won't wear them when new uniforms are brought in.
Many commented on the petition, expressing disapproval of the proposal.
Comments include: "The uniform is ugly and should not be forced to wear a skirt by any girl.
"I think this should be done better in stages and also think that education is more important than clothes, and I also want teachers to wear more suitable clothes.
"Parents should [have]
When they purchased uniforms for the newly started 7 th graders, they were notified.
"For regular uniforms, it's over £ 150, and these freshmen are only worth a year before buying a range of new outfits.
"Not every family has the financial capacity to do this, which brings them second-hand uniforms.
"The school says it has consulted the current uniform supplier to make sure it won't be more expensive than it is now.
The letter to the parents said: "The typical order for the current uniform is two jerseys per year, 10 jerseys in five years.
"This jacket is much harder --
Wear, you usually only need two or three years, which may save more than 30.
"Similarly, the price of white shirts and shirts from local retailers is about half the price of embroidered polo shirts.
Our research shows that the cost of regular black shoes is comparable to the black sneakers currently allowed, more robust and cost-effective in most cases.
"We will announce the pricing structure in the near future,
How the new uniform will provide better examples of cost-effective living.
Although Mr. Paine acknowledged that "we may be looking at this in the future", there is no plan to change the school sports kit at this time.
Shoes are no longer sneakers but must be in black leather or leather style with no stripes or logo.
Paine said in an interview that he had been considering changing his uniform for several years.
He said: "There are many local schools that have made similar changes, and I have received some very positive feedback from the person in charge of doing so.
"Our parents are very opposed to this and I met with the lady who initiated the petition and she was very nice and she had a problem with the schedule.
"But on the other hand, many people are very supportive.
He added: "There is no formal decision on anything at the moment, and the final decision is always made after we have collected some feedback.
"This week we plan to respond formally in a written letter to address some of the issues raised and next week I will invite parents to meet with me and we will go to the governing body when we receive all the feedback.
Mr. Paine also shared the comments of the parents who supported the change.
They included: "Long time, the students in Longsha looked very sloppy.
The limits on what is appropriate have been extended to the limits, which is disrespectful to the school.
"Yes, education is the most important thing, but proper unity improves the attitude of learning.
Students attending Longsands should also be proud of their school and represent a wider community.
Not the shortest skirt who can wear a white sock match.
"As many other schools have seen, resistance is inevitable.
However, this will not happen if most schools do not make changes.
"Thank you for taking this step in the right direction for Longsha College.
"I just wanted to send a quick email saying I really liked the idea of the new uniform and fully supported the change.
"I'm sure you know about the campaign/petition on Facebook, but I also know a lot of supporters of uniforms.
"I'm glad you planned to replace the old uniform;
Too casual.
From the pictures I see, it looks very smart, more in line with a good middle school than the old one.
"I believe this will encourage students to be proud of the school and my children will be happy to put it on.
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