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pants for running women how to hand-sew a hole in sweatpants | ehow

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-21
Whether you're running in sportswear, riding a bike, or just hanging out at home, a tear can make an originally perfect pair of pants look ruined.Casual pants are made of soft, thick material and when stuck with brushes, tire spokes and even the pointed corners of your home it is easy to tear.Instead of buying a new sportswear, you should master basic sewing skills and wear more clothes for a few years.
Loose trim line or fluff near tear.
The presence of fuzzy edges is especially possible if you have cleaned or put them on after tearing your pants.If the worn fabric is not removed from the torn edge, your patch stitching will not remain the same.Tie the ends together with a needle line to prevent the line from sliding out of the eye while working.
Sewing the cracks on your pants with two lines will enhance the durability of your repair.Turn over your sportswear.Pinch the torn edges together and align them so they are even.Starting at one end of the tear, sew the separated fabric together with small and delicate stitching.
Circle Each stitch together to press the edge of the fabric and tighten the line.When you turn your pants out to the right, these stitches will have a subtle look.Continue sewing until it reaches the other end of the tear.
Reverse your direction and return to your starting point.Stitching the torn area twice will prevent the fabric from pulling apart again in this position.Tie the Knot so that your stitching will not be untied.
Sew a stitch, but don't tighten the thread.Pass your needle through the thread loop you created.Tighten and cut loose lines
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