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oversized sweatshirt how to make an acorn costume | ehow

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-14
Small oak grown from giant oak trees.If you want to dress up a child, or an adult, to be a strong oak tree in the future, you need a peas or baseball cap, some people feel that the green or brown base of the dress, and some brown paint.Clothing needs some basic stitching, but most of the material can be found at home.Find an old hat cap or cut off the hat edge of the old baseball cap.
Hats don't have to be brown, but if they are brown, your crafting skills don't have to be very precise.Cut the felt into a rectangle of about 3-by-2-inches.Lay three or four rectangles flat in a cross shape on the table.
Use three for a smaller childSize of adult hat, or four.Scroll the top of each rectangle up.Sew the narrow ends of the top tightly together to form the stems of the acorn.Put the hat flat on the table.Place the rod on top of the lid.Sew the felt under the stem loosely on the hat.
Pick up the end of the felt and stitch the top of more rectangular felt onto the hat.Follow a roof-The slate style, where the slate (which is a rectangle in this case) overlaps with the top.Overlap each rectangle with the next one.Repeat this step to ensure that the rectangles of the next layer are positioned, so their edges are not aligned with the edges of the next layer.
When you have enough felt sewn to extend to the edge of the hat, turn the hat over.Sew the loose edges on the inside of the hat to create a beautiful round edge for your Oak head.Wear an oversized jersey.Use a brown or green sweatshirt depending on the color you want the oak body.
If the bottom of the jersey is elastic, pull it up and let the material hang down to form a puffball shape.Alternatively, stitch the adjacent areas of the hem together so you can collect enough hem to pull it up.Wear leggings or tights.Match the color of the shoes and legs.Apply the face to brown or green to match the color of the oak body.
Wear an oak cap.
Away from people in squirrel clothes.
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