oversized black sweatshirt Suspect At Large After Sexual Assault Of High School-Aged Jogger Wednesday

by: INGOR     2019-08-20
oversized black sweatshirt Suspect At Large After Sexual Assault Of High School-Aged Jogger Wednesday
Palo Alto (BCN) a suspect with a pistol is running away after fleeing scenes of high school sexual assaultAccording to police, the elderly jogger in Palo Alto on Wednesday afternoon.At 1:47 p.m.Police said the Palo Alto police dispatch center received a 911 call from a passer-by saying an attack occurred at the intersection of Arastradero and Luxi Road.The police immediately responded by placing the minor on a green space near the intersection, the police said.The paramedics in the fire department sent her to the hospital for treatment.Around 5 p.m.The police officer said the girl was in stable condition.Police said the preliminary investigation found that when a victim appeared and pulled her off the trail, she was jogging west on a road parallel to Arastradero Road, then pointed her head with a gun and attacked her.The description of the suspect has changed since the original report at around 2: 45.m.Then fled on foot on Wednesday.Then the girl rushed the passer-by who reported the case.Palo Alto, an official at the Palo Alto Police Department at Stanford's Department of Public Security, said Sunnyvale's Department of Public Security and the California Highway Patrol searched the Greenland area for about two hours and could not find him.The police did not know if there was a car near him that he could escape.The suspect was initially described as an Asian man in his 20 s wearing a black jersey, blue casual pants and a handgun.Since then, his description has been updated to a person who may be ofrino descent, 5 feet 10 inch tall, wearing a black jersey with a bear logo on it and white and redPolice said the man was wearing loose gray sportswear and black sneakers.Topolice said the victim could not describe the suspect's gun.Anyone with case information should call the department's 24-(650) 329-hour dispatch center2413.Anonymous tips can be submitted by email topaloalto @ tipnow.Org, sent to (650) 383 by text or voice mail-8984 or free mobile app via police.
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