oversized black sweatshirt Manhunt under way for alleged cop killer in Stanislaus County

by: INGOR     2019-08-20
oversized black sweatshirt Manhunt under way for alleged cop killer in Stanislaus County
Earlier Wednesday, photos of a suspicious vehicle and a suspect accused of shooting police officer Newman.Earlier Wednesday, photos of a suspicious vehicle and a suspect accused of shooting police officer Newman.Ronil Singh, 33year-Newman's old officer worked overtime on Christmas day trying to work for his wife and 1-year-A family member said it was an old boy.But at 1 a.m.According to the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department, Singh launched a traffic jam on Wednesday and was shot multiple times.He was discovered for a quarter.Just a mile from the Newman food store on Merced Street and ujali Avenue, he was taken to hospital before he was declared dead.Newman’s 13-The sheriff's Sgt said the police department went to the hospital after the shooting and waited until Singh's body was taken to the coroner's facility.Tom Letras.He said: "the department over there has just started to work .""We are trying to make them sad now."The manhunt is in progress, but no one has been arrested as of Wednesday night.Newman's chief of police asked the public to help the authorities capture the killer of Singh."Our Newman police family has been hit hard by the loss of Ronil," said lead Randy Richardson ."."If anyone has any information about the identity of the suspect, please contact law enforcement immediately so we can get this police --Killer on the streetJust before the shooting, the gunman walked into the Newman food store and bought two 12-Yin Jin, the owner, said a pack of beer.She said her staff recognized the man as a frequent visitor to the store, but she did not know his name.The suspect was driving a gray Dodge Ram pickup with a lengthened cab and paper license plate, Letras said.The truck was found Wednesday afternoon.But police say the suspect is still at large.Officials said police found the truck while performing a search warrant on a river road 26000 blocks from Newman city."Trucks have been found and forensics is being processed," authorities said in a Facebook post from the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department .".Authorities have released photos of the suspect, a "burly" man with a silver necklace and a black jersey with a white Ecko patch on his shoulder."We now have a lot of people who are actively looking for our suspects and suspected vehicles," Letras said .".Gov.Jerry Brown said in a statement that the flag would be lowered by half a flag.To commemorate Singh, the staff of the Capitol.Brown said: "Anne and I, on behalf of all California people, expressed our condolences to Corporal Singh's wife, younger son, relatives and colleagues ." He mentioned his wife Anne gusts Brown."Our hearts are with law enforcement across the Newman community and across the state who risk their lives every day to protect and serve the people of California.Letras said it is not clear what caused the traffic to stop, but Singh issued "gunfire" on the radio in a few minutes ".The police scanner heard a sheriff's deputy say that someone "killed the police officer 207", indicating that the kidnapping occurred due to criminal law 207.Letras stated that the witness's statement proved inaccurate.Singh's family expressed their grief on Facebook, calling him a "great example "."My family action hero, your Excellency Ronil Singh," wrote an uncle ."."Work overtime on Christmas night to provide the best service for your family.A very adventurous and beautiful soul was quickly taken away.Singh, a Fijian, studied criminal justice at the primary College in moderstowe and dreamed of becoming a police officer.He lives in moderstowe and has served as a police officer at Newman police station since July 2011.He started his teenage career at Turlock police station, previously serving as reserve deputy sheriff at the Merced County Sheriff's Office.Turlock Police chief Nino Amirfar called Singh "light in the dark" and noted that the officer "did not hesitate" to establish a reputation for performing his duties."We are all destroyed and are mourning," Amirfar said ."."He is loved by us and we will always remember it.The California Highway Patrol issued a blue alert after the shooting.a quick-Reaction system in the event of violent attacks by law enforcement-For Stanislaus, Merced, San Joaquin, tuolum and Santa Clara counties.Anyone with information can contact 209-521-Detective Michael Fisher, 4636 or 209.525-7083.
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