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outdoor running tights cold weather running: 5 tips to excuse-proof your workout

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-20
Even if you are an experienced runner, running in cold weather is a challenge.Here are some tips for dealing with exposed elements.1.Stay at home if below zero.The first thing you need to pay attention to when planning a winter run is the temperature and the cold.
Even mild cold temperatures can get worse with the cold.Before you run, write down the relative temperature on the news or look it up online.If the temperature is below zero, or if the cold is below minus 20 degrees, try to exercise indoors on the same day.
Choose the right fabric.
When you're running, make sure there's something next to your skin that will allow moisture to pass through.Stretch running tights are a good choice.If you run at a temperature of 20 to 40 degrees, you can usually wear tights yourself.But if the temperature drops below 20 degrees, you need a second layer of coverage.
Try nylon or gore.
Tex pants.
Cotton is a bad choice for running.
It will keep your body hydrated and make you colder.If you need extra volume to keep warm, try the fleece.3.Don't wear too much clothes.Wearing layers is a great way to keep warm, but don't overdo it.
Once you start running, your body will start to warm up, so avoid the tendency to wear too much clothes.When you start running for the first time, it should be a little colder than you think, but when you run, your body temperature starts to rise.It looks 20 degrees higher than the actual temperature.
Protect your hands and feet.
It is estimated that you can lose up to 30% of your body temperature through your hands and feet.You can use running gloves, but on very cold days you will benefit the most from the gloves.Gloves allow your fingers to share body temperature.
The Khan sock lining under wool socks or fleece socks also helps to keep the feet warm.Just make sure you don't pile up so much that your running shoes don't fit the way they should wear them.5.Hydrate.It is important to keep moisture during running.
Although most people think there is water at warm temperatures, it is equally important to get water while running in winter.Cold air will make your body very dry.Make sure to keep your hydration procedure, regardless of the temperature.When you finish running, be sure to change your running clothes immediately.
They will get wet with sweat and it may rain or snow.Do some gentle stretching and then take a hot bath
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