orange sweatshirt Justin Giarla's gallery showcased provocative art. But what's been most shocking is his arrest on drug charges, which forced him to shut down his space.

by: INGOR     2019-08-20
orange sweatshirt Justin Giarla\'s gallery showcased provocative art. But what\'s been most shocking is his arrest on drug charges, which forced him to shut down his space.
One of Venom Wiedemann's devices uses photos to comment on sex and consumerism, which are not shown because the gallery is closed.One of Venom Wiedemann's devices uses photos to comment on sex and consumerism, which are not shown because the gallery is closed.Art or paint, which one is the first?Since the police arrested Justin Jala, this problem has appeared many times, and Justin Jala is the young owner of the art space on Larkin Street, known as the shooting gallery, because he is passionate about photos, prints and paintings in the store, speed and ecstasy."Some people say that the gallery is the facade of drugs, but I don't buy it for a second.This is a legal gallery of artists, "said photographer Drew dwyidman, who has twice shown and sold his work at the lively San Francisco venue since opening a year ago.He has contributed to "guns" and "porn" shows that represent a provocative Street showThe smart art works exhibited in the photo gallery are decorated with tattoos, body rings and the taste of street artists.It's across the street from the porn palace of the Century Theatre, just a stone's throw from the shabby Sgt.John Macquarie Park and the aisle bar next to it, a neat hole-in-the-There are small Christmas lights on the wall, and there are all kinds of sex customers in the afternoon.Wiedemann respects Giarla more than the other local gallery owners he handles, although the police closed the Shooting Gallery on March 12, two weeks ago Wiedemann for a long timeThe planned personal performance "Venom" is scheduled to open there."I became very close to him, and drugs have never appeared," said Wiedemann, 32, who was "destroyed" by the news, it took wiedemann eight months and nearly $10,000 for the exhibition to be closed."I was disappointed and sad about the situation," said Wiedemann, 34 ." He will be "poisoned "---Device for using full-scale model photos in T-Shirts printed with phrases like "buy two get one" ironically comment on sex, consumerism, and "the absurdity of the art world "---Ajax Custom in an art space on the Third Street, he paid for it at May."There is a chance that the shooting gallery will become a very good San Francisco gallery.Justin is selling art, he promotes performance, and he advertises in art magazines.He always cares about artists.This is a very big push for me and I think it's a step in the right direction for a legitimate Gallery."People close to the scene speculated that if Giarla sold drugs, it would fund the gallery and its ambitious expansion plan.If so, it would be difficult for him to become the first sponsor of an art company.Oakland art promoters sell small amounts of grass and Coke to fund his adventure jazz program.The San Francisco arts patron produced some theatrical performances in the 1980 s, embezzling money from a trust account run by a well-known law firm, who served as a secretary before going to jail.Chronicles pop music critic Joel Selvin reports in his book "Summer of Love" that the famous psychedelic chemist Augustine Stanley Osley III has supportedBut will someone who runs a gallery with drugs?Sounds like the name of the shooting hall.-It clearly refers to the photos it shows and the drug abuse scene of the Tenderloin ---So stupid or so clever to sell drugs there?"It's crazy for me to open an underground, avant-garde art gallery as a place to sell drugs," said Wiedemann ."."It's not low-key.He has avant-garde art, he has nude, gun shows.He's not showing the beautiful scenery.He is drawing attention to the work he is showing."My feeling is that the gallery is his passion and he made the wrong decision to make the gallery flourish and develop.It's not like the brilliant years after the 80 s, there's a bunch of coke lying around.You know, drugs are everywhere in San Francisco.-In every club, BBQ and office."San Francisco drug inspector Brit Elmore and Bill Braconi have been watching for more than six months before getting a warrant and fighting Giarla.When they asked him if he had drugs, they reported that Giarla pointed to a green bag on the floor.Police said they found more than 100 pounds of powdered cocaine in it, as well as less than an ounce of meth and more than a tablet of ecstasy.In a desk drawer, they said, they found a 9mm Glock pistol with bullets.They also found about $2,000 in cash in Giarla rent in the attic of Potrero Hill, plus about $22,000.They seized a bullet.Bullet-proof clothes embedded in bullets.Ten days ago, at a hearing, Jala's bail fell to $150 from $70,000.-Later that day, he was released on bail and released from the county prison-Supreme Court Judge Lucy mckebe ruledProof that the vest is an artwork should not be considered as evidence.Dressed in prison.Giarla, wearing an orange jersey and trousers, entered the department accompanied by a sheriffIn the judicial Hall.A boyish-He has a square chin and a muscular figure, and he kisses his mother and girlfriend sitting together.More than a dozen artists and friends who came to show support.Douglas rapapport, lawyer for Giarla, said: "This gallery is not the front line for selling drugs and he has succeeded in reducing the bail of the client, which is supported by a series of letters, these letters demonstrate the good character and community engagement of Jala.One of them is from the director of the local non-profit organization sunrise action, which provides medical assistance to children in developing countries.Giarla plans to set up a fundAdvocates of the organization.Last summer, he held an exhibition to raise money for the new Tenderloin Community Art Center.Rappaport sees Giarla as a trusted person and is not dangerous for the community.The lawyer noted that he was very honest and, according to the police report, "he told them where everything was.Giarla declined to be interviewed, as did his mother and his girlfriend, whose mother is a resident of Sonoma County who wiped her tears.Justin is a good man."We want to support him," says photographer Jeremy Thompson ." He praised Jia for giving him the beginning of the art world.He has nothing to say about the drug charges.Giarla pleaded not guilty to three charges of intent to sell drugs.He will appear in court next.Hearing on April 16Rappaport declined to discuss defense strategies, but said Giarla "does not have the clothing you normally associate with drug dealers ---Gorgeous car, gorgeous jewelry, a home."Giarla, a photographer and mosaic maker who grew up in Southern California, believes that shooting galleries is an equal place where all kinds of people can watch art without being"Whether you are rich or homeless, you are welcome to come in and look around," he wrote on the shooting Hall website .".The police are not sure who it is."We don't know who's going to see art," Braconi said ."."It is clear that some people are drug users in the region.Some people may have just gone to the art gallery.It's hard to say."After being arrested, Giarla was" happy to work together "and he spoke to several artists Giarla," they didn't know he was selling drugs and were upset about it, Braconi said."Count Eric CroL is among them.The famous porn photographer held a large IMAX perspective show in the shooting gallery last fall, selling about 30 pieces.Kroll, known for his 1994 book, "pedophile girls," appeared in raw during a show at the opening ceremony of the crowded shooting gallery."I don't know the facts.All I know is that Justin is passionate about art, "said CroL, who came to court to express his friendship."No one else shows this lowAnti-cultural art.He brought dignity to the art that was hard to show."I am attending exhibitions in more mature places, but I feel more comfortable in Justin's gallery.It has some tenacity and real things.According to police, Giarla is not a big fish drug dealer.But there is a steady stream of his customers."He is making a small deal with a large number of people," said Inspector Braconi, who has been asked by some artists whether the gallery is a source of doping or whether it will happen later."I don't know, that's the problem," Braconi said.He was already doing business when he showed up on my radar screen."He's back in the art industry.The Shooting Gallery reopened on April 2, with a show by Detroit artists and "punk days" Niagara, whose paintings and collages have titles like "Girls Go Bad.Giarla said on his website: "The girls in Niagara have a deep understanding of American junk culture ." He noted that he was no stranger to his controversy.
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