olive green sweatshirt womens Giambattista Valli: Fit to be neck-tied

by: INGOR     2019-08-19
olive green sweatshirt womens Giambattista Valli: Fit to be neck-tied
Giambattista Valli, a Paris fashion designer, barely entered the town and country club in San Francisco because he inadvertently violated the dress code.At least he didn't wear a hoodie like Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg did.French fashion designer Giambattista ValliSavvy guy, he took pictures on his own runway and posted them on Tumblr during the 2011 fall preview --to-A Costume show at the Fairmont Hotel on Tuesday (presented at 30 auxiliary fashion shows at the San Francisco Ballet, hosted by Tanya Powell and sponsored by Saks Fifth Avenue.) But it is clear that he is a little too casual for his own benefit.Earlier in the day, he was a VIP, attended by the well-Rich members of town and country clubs in Union Square.There was little success in Valli.When he got to the gate of 218 Stockton StreetHe is not allowed in.The designer chose an olive green fatigue jacket, a black jersey, black jeans hidden in the boots and a necklace --He has long strings of pearls around his neck.It may be fashionable, but there is a lack of an important factor in his clothing: tie, which is the request of the gentleman who wants to enter the door.Luckily, a premium custom buyer at Saks Fifth Avenue (fashion show sponsor) was with him and insisted on getting Valli in.He said before the show that he liked the cool attitude and simple elegance of the Bay Area and wanted to come back to visit more often.He likes to post photos and get job feedback at Tumblr, a way to get a fashion message across without spending a lot of money."I'm not a member of a financial group that spends huge sums on the campaign," he said backstage .".In addition, technology is at its core.He gets feedback from his clients on the Internet, and he uses feedback when designing a collection."I think now, not tomorrow, not yesterday," he said .".Check out his own photos at giambattistavalli (scroll down by date and time ).tumblr.com.
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