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olive green sweatshirt womens A Rainbow of Raincoats / Outerwear doesn't have to be as drab as the weather

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-19
olive green sweatshirt womens A Rainbow of Raincoats / Outerwear doesn\'t have to be as drab as the weather
Over the past few weeks, while looking for a raincoat on a shelf, dozens of olive green, tan, brown and black trench coats were found for men and women.Very ho-hum.This may be a given look in the corporate world.But for those who don't have a strict dress code in the office, or those who like to break through the gray dull day, maybe it's time to change a different palette.Consider the color of the African parrot.Raincoats glowing in bronze, copper or gold.Or wear enough raincoats as evening dresses."Why do you wear an olive green trench coat when you can find a more expressive coat?"Debbie hard asked, she is a national sales person at Babette, a San Francisco clothing company that operates a lot of brightly colored waterResistant to coating."We are not Burberry culture in San Francisco."Designer Babette, known for her pleated coat, dress and shirt, recently started using polarized wool and Teflon --coated fabrics.In the spring, she introduced a series of light yellow and green colors in Teflon --coated nylon-Polyester mixture opposite to black.Full service in the falllength two-A copper, rainbow-colored blue or black zip-up taxi jacket rolled into its own bag with a taxi whistle.Its Babette store in San Francisco South park costs $160.Felice in Palo Alto and Alta in San Jose also have Babette raincoats.Hino & Malee II, an expensive raincoat company in New York, also exploded in color this spring;Clothing will be launched by the end of next month.The colors include Persimmon, Iris and pistachio.Especially cute is the hipLength of ropeBlue collar jacket-Purple in water (IRIS)Resistant, distressed rainbow colored nylon from the same fabric as black slim pants.In these, you can wander around in the rain all day without worrying.Hino & Malee rainwear is available locally in Mio on Filmore Street and Marimekko at Sutter.The misty harbor label combines tradition with fashion.The classic trench was transformed into a rocking Princess here.Forming coat with bracketVelvet collar and cuffs.Most coats in Nordstrom's national stores cost $200.The new microfibre raincoat is easy to maintain and will work as long as you don't forget your umbrella as these coats are "water-Not waterproof ".To keep it really dry, stick with the rubber shorts or try the Barbour wax cotton raincoat made in the UK.Barbour coats and jackets range from $290 to $350, and are available in Ovis on Grant Avenue, San Francisco.The stylish Moraga raincoat company Mycra Pac is known for its unusual patterns and fabrics-At present, there are long raincoats that can be used as a gown coat.Very generous cut, feel very fashionable;One of the latest features is the rich bronze polyester-Nylon fabric and water on one side-The other is velveteen resistance.The company also produces many shorter coats.A particularly bright blue color --A green trench imitating the color of exotic insect wings.At Nordstrom and other stores, the price of Mycra Pac raincoats is about $200.Sharon Huebschwerlen, designer and president of Mycra Pac, said: "There are now 70 to 80% coats that are microfibre, and this trend will continue because the fabric is getting better and better ."."You can roll my coat into a ball and they won't wrinkle and you won't" own "your dry cleaner in the end."I think a raincoat is an accessory.There is only one purpose for the trench coat."Nothing is more useful than good for travel --Raincoat in nylon-The polyester mixture, which can be packed in your bag, does not look worse worn out than this when the sky is open.Coat buyer Jane Comerford at Nordstrom gallery in the San Francisco area looks at this trend growing every year."We sell a lot of high packagingFor example, the stylish light raincoat from Mycra Pac, which has no weight, makes some puzzle patterns and Whirlpool velvet patterns.We are selling a ton of two-sided raincoats, velveteen on one side and Poly on the other.The other is nylon, which is used by women as evening dresses .""People are starting to buy raincoats as a fashion product.
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