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olive green mens sweatshirt home decoration ideas that can light up your ceiling painting

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-13
Home painting is not limited to painting walls, you also need to do justice to the ceiling.The ceiling is often overlooked and painted in the softest and safe colors, which are not fully utilized in home decor activities.However, you can bring about this change by using innovative concepts and eye-catching color combinations.
Murals: the use of murals is one of the best ways to decorate the ceiling.The art of mural painting directly on the wall brings a very elegant look to the space.By drawing the ceiling using a mural and using a chandelier or fixtures to skillfully take advantage of the lights, you can completely turn a dull room into a comfortable and stylish room.
Choices are endless.
Using a color combination that works with the rest of the wall and is consistent with the theme of your home will make the whole space look well synchronized.Bright colors like maroon, yellow, pink or light brown, olive green, lavender look just as amazing.Plaid pattern: plaid clothing has always been very popular, and this fashion is always fresh in the case of home decoration.
Whether it's a check that reminds you of chess or a fashion statement you really believe in;These create a psychedelic effect, especially when painting on the ceiling.If you are willing to try, then this family drawing pattern must be tried.The appearance of the inspection conveys energy, passion and a keen attitude towards your life, and the color you choose to draw the ceiling can effectively express your personal attitude towards life.
Monochrome: drawing the ceiling in a strong single color or different shades of the same color can also make the ceiling stand out.For example, you can paint the ceiling of the room in bright green and balance it by painting other walls in olive green or light colors of green itself.The contrast of a single color combination of dark and light colors allows you to create the desired effect in any room.
Whether it's a living room where you want to stay awake and fresh, or a small bar where you want to create a lively mood, monochrome paint colors won't make you wrong.You have to have some ideas to change your ceiling so far.The days when the ceiling has just reached the goal of covering the top of our home and hanging chandeliers have passed, and they can add more beauty to your home.
From vivid color combinations to stunning designs, the choice is endless and so is the idea.With innovative ceiling paintings, the home decor can get a unique size
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