Nike splits opinion by showing female model with armpit hair - women's sports bra

by: INGOR     2019-08-26
Nike splits opinion by showing female model with armpit hair  -  women's sports bra
This is something that should not cause debate-
How others choose to deal with their own body hair.
But when Nike released a photo of an underarm hair model this week, thousands of people had some perspective on it.
Sports brands have set off an Instagram spat on their Nike women's accounts, showing a model wearing a scratch-free sports bra.
Nike released a photo of the model Annahstasia on Wednesday and stated in the title of the photo: "happy mood ".
More than 183,000 people like this post and some share their love for the image.
One person commented: "This picture is beautiful on such a multi-faceted level and likes the confidence of bras and models.
Another netizen said: "Thanks to Nike for its support for nature.
However, a lot of people are not so impressed with the photo, putting it on the label of "disgusting.
"It's not freedom, it's not a type of 'I love my body,'" declared an angry user, "it's bull, shaving . ".
The second wrote: "The terrible public relations move.
Less than 1% of the target market for women do not shave.
The third added that "it's disgusting" that Wtf is doing ".
This backlash has prompted others to fight back at haters.
"Don't belittle her because she has body hair!
For men with hair under their arms, you won't say that.
One user responded: "Her body, her choice . "
Someone posted: "I'm embarrassed because most of the negative comments I see come from other women, and it doesn't matter if you personally choose to shave.
Don't humiliate others anymore, it won't make anyone sick or less because you're hairy.
"I see a lot of people saying don't try to turn this into something anymore, it's not a pint.
The key is to have an option, which is not a bad thing if you choose not to shave.
The third said: "Some of you have not even shaved their armpits now, so be quiet.
Nike was contacted for comment.
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