nike running bottoms San Francisco's Chrome gives veterans new shoes

by: INGOR     2019-08-22
nike running bottoms San Francisco\'s Chrome gives veterans new shoes
The shoes are described as green, gray and white and very comfortable.Homeless people in dozens of bay areasIncome veterans at Veterans Day in St.On Thursday, November 11, 2010, Anthony of Chrome, a local footwear company.The shoes are said to be very comfortable in green, gray and white.Homeless people in dozens of bay areasIncome veterans at Veterans Day in St.On Thursday, November 11, 2010, Anthony of Chrome, a local footwear company.Marine a Marine likes that his shoes look sharp.Carl Sigmund, 59, a homeless Vietnam veteran in San Francisco, said he found a pair of Nike running shoes on the trash can a year and a half ago.Since then, he wears them every day.Until Thursday morning.Sigmund in dirty pants and broken T-shirtThe shirt is secured together by a safety pin at the collar, at St.Anthony received a free pair of sneakers donated by San Francisco apparel company Chrome on Golden Gate Avenue, which is known for its trendy messenger bags.'The giveaway is the right time, 'says Sigmund.Last week's rain exposed the holes in the bottom of his old running shoes, which were as dirty as the pavement of the tenderloin.Outside St.In Anthony's game, Sigmund looked down at his impeccable white ball and looked up."It's perfect," he said.St. Arouni's spokeswoman, Francis Alouni, said Sigmund was one of about 200 veterans who received free shoes on Veterans DayAnthony FoundationBobby Rosenthal, regional manager of the Homeless Program at the federal Department of Veterans Affairs, said as many as 3,000 of the city's homeless are veterans."Homeless people go a lot," Rosenthal said ."."Winter is coming.A pair of new shoes can go a long way."A retired veteran is excited about his worn-out Jordan shoes for more than a year, and he is full of praise for his new shoes."I feel great and look great," he said ."Chrome's marketing director, Matt Sharkey, said the company tried giveaways earlier this year to send shoes free of charge to people who post worn old shoes, which the company then donated to the homelessA total of 5,000 pairs.Sharkey said the company wanted to donate directly this time."In our environment, veterans are sometimes forgotten very quickly," he said .".William Gantt, 58, a veteran who served in Vietnam, picked a pair of white sneakers to replace his black penny casual shoes.Gantt, who lives in a hotel in the mission area, says free shoes are important, but the feeling means more."Of course, it helps with the cold weather, but it's just spirit, too," said Gantt.It's a great help for veterans here to know a little bit about help.The Chronicle writer Matthew Gomez contributed to the report.It has been corrected since the story appeared in the print version.
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