nike running bottoms Mike Brown survives offseason fire, relishes start with Warriors

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nike running bottoms Mike Brown survives offseason fire, relishes start with Warriors
NBA basketball media day on Monday, Mike Brown, an assistant coach of the Golden State Warriors.Oakland, California, 2016.(AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez) Mike Brown, an assistant coach of the Golden State Warriors, was on NBA basketball media day on Monday.Oakland, California, 2016.(AP Photo/Masio Jose Sanchez) on May 27, Mike Brown was packing for the flight in his bedroom in suburban Cleveland when he heard 19-year-Old son of Cameron“Dad!It’s on fire!Brown ran down the stairs to the kitchen, where he found that the pan used by Cameron to make a mini-fried pecan pie spewed flames.The longtime NBA coach told Cameron to step back and grab a rag and lift the handle.The source of the fire-cooking oil sprinkled on the floor.Brown slipped on the rising flame.When he twisted and screamed, the fire stopped.Brown's body suffocated and died in the fire, but it has caused damage.Second-and third-His right leg was burned.First-and second-His right foot, left leg, arm, hand and face were all burned.A pair of Nike running shoes broke down.Could be worse.The doctor later told him that if he was wearing pants instead of shorts that afternoon, the material would be trapped in the heating and continue to burn."This is a life --"Change my experience," Brown said ."."It's just a reminder that it's possible to happen at any time."Two weeks after the fire, between Game 3 and Game 4 of the NBA Finals, Brown crutches walked on crutches into the lobby of a hotel in downtown Cleveland for an informal job interview.He talked with Warriors coach Steve Cole for over an hour about friends, family and basketball.In early July, he was appointed senior assistant to Cole to take over Luke Walton.Now the coach of the Lakers.In a staff member with a unique goal: to integrate the most popular group of players in NBA history.The former NBA coach of the year has worked with LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, O'Neill and Dwight Howard.Perhaps more important for Golden State, after a loss in the finals in the history of last season, Brown experienced a well-known heat.Cole is not just an insurance option, he missed 43 games last season due to back surgery complications and should have missed more time.He reminded us that the unexpected ending will bring a new beginning.Danny Ferrie said: "With what happened last year, it is very important for a person to prove that he can succeed in big games and big situations, "Brown's first Knight general manager in Cleveland (2005-10)."It was a great hire for the Warriors.Brown said: "It's better than I thought.Brown always checks twice before leaving the Audi RS7 he parked to make sure it is locked.He brushes his teeth twice a day with the same rhythm and pattern.He ironed the shirts he bought from the dry cleaners.When the pens on his desk were rearranged, he noticed."He will never admit that he has obsessive-compulsive disorder.But he will, for sure, "said Elijah Brown, Mike's eldest son, with a smile."One day, just pass by his office.Everything will be organized in a very specific way, as he likes."This demand for orders came from Brown's father, Bobby, who served in the Air Force for 26 years.As a child, do you play this role?The amiable Brown played Dragon and Dungeon or shooting in a nearby court, demanding perfection.Although he is not an extraordinary athlete, he wonAs a defensive expert, he won a scholarship to the University of San Diego.After graduating in 1992, Brown received a degree in business administration and worked as an unpaid intern in the Nuggets.He helped organize the team.The camp was sponsored before serving as a video coordinator and eventually as a scout.Santiago alumnus Bernie bikstaff, then head coach of the Wizards, offered Brown his first assistant job in Washington in 1997.Led by Greg Popovich of San Antonio and Rick Carlisle of Indiana, he won the reputation of one of the league's most tenacious workers.Color created by BrownCoding practice plan and detailed reconnaissance report.In the 2005 season, although he had never played a professional game, he was appointed head coach of Cleveland at the age of 35.Two years later, the Cavaliers entered the finals with James and spare parts.During Brown's five seasons, Cleveland won 66 games.The 3% game has never been worse than playing in the eastern semi-finals.However, more and more people think James is not satisfied with Brown.In 2010, a year after winning the NBA Coach of the Year award, he was fired.James traveled to Miami and Brown worked as a volunteer assistant coach for Cameron's soccer team at Lee Burneson Middle School in Westlake, Ohio."For many of my teammates, he's not just my dad," Cameron said ."."They think it's cool to have him around, which makes us all happier.When he was hired by the Lakers the next year to follow legendary Phil Jackson, Brown was relieved when he returned to color --Practice Plan for coding and meticulous film learning.In November 2012, was 1-Despite the union's biggest salary of $100 million, Mr Brown lost his job again.Cleveland boss Dan Gilbert rehired him before the 2013 season.He regretted firing Brown three years ago.A young Knight team has made great progress in defense and has raised the record with 9 wins.But when Cleveland missed the playoffs for the fourth consecutive year, Gilbert fired Brown after a season."I think he's a very good coach, and like most coaches, he's getting better and experienced," Ferrie said ." Brown left the Cavaliers two weeks after the first game of the Cavaliers."Unfortunately, sometimes it can be a crazy thing.* The last time Brown saw a giant spider head decal last seasonMan.When he followed the Spurs in volunteer positions, he lived at the Ferry house outside San Antonio.Ferrie, who now lives in Atlanta with his wife, son and four daughters, has one condition: do not sleep in the master bedroom.Brown chose a superhero.Themed rooms with Princess and Barbie."I sleep on a double bed," 6-foot-3 Brown said.“It was rent-Free so no complaints."More than a year after leaving the NBA, he began to miss the hardships of his coaching career.Brown's old friend and mentor Popovich invited him to follow the Spurs during the 2015 season.16 season.He sat at the Coachman's meeting, had dinner with the team, watched the exercises, and provided guidance from time to time.Since this is a volunteer role without a formal title, he can come and go as he pleases.After most of his son's childhood was on the road, Brown enjoyed a chance to reconnect with Cameron and Elijah.He bought an apartment near the University of New Mexico, where Elijah was an outstanding guard.The divorced Brown took part in every Lobos game and most of the training.Typical post-90 sAfter a minute of practice, Elijah returned to the locker room and found his dad waiting for 12 to 18 text messages on his iPhone."I will look at him in practice and he will not really look back," Elijah said ."team All-Shanxi Conference selection last season."He just entered his thoughts on the phone.It's really interesting.Brown and Cameron watched the NBA game on TV. Cameron is the defensive end of Cleveland's Case Western Reserve University. he made detailed records like a pre-match scout.He said he heard about the opportunity from the "few" teams, but he wanted to wait for the right time.The news that Brown was hired surprised some Warriors fans.His obsessed style is in sharp contrast to the easygoing Walton, who takes 39Last season's record as a temporary coach for the Lakers.The biggest question: why did Kerr replace the attack?Brown was a defensive master when Golden State already had Ron AdamsMaybe the top defensive assistant in the NBA.on staff.But the Warriors are not the envy of the alliance because they rely on labels.Golden State is owned by venture capitalists who invest in companies they don't necessarily control. it relies on the belief that relationships are better than everything.This is a franchise company that employs a general manager who has never worked for the team before and two coaches who have never coached any level.Cole has known Brown since they played post.Practice pickup games with San Antonio in early 2000.Even as a reserve guard close to 15 years oldIn a year's career, Cole saw the temperament of an elite colleague in this kind young assistant."He's just an amazing person," Kerr said .""He is very loyal. he is very smart.I'm really lucky that he's free.Four months after fighting the flames in his kitchen, most of Brown's Burns have healed.The scars on his face, arms, and hands have been placed on small flaws.The doctor told him it would take eight months for his severely burned right leg to subside.Even so, it will remind us how fast life is changing."I'm packing my bags, my flight takes off in four hours, boom, and I'm putting out fire in the house," Brown said ."."But, hey, everything is finally settled.
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