nice sweatshirts for guys A couple of Nice guys becoming fashionable

by: INGOR     2019-08-20
nice sweatshirts for guys A couple of Nice guys becoming fashionable
"You can do it."You can do it," the Ian hanunura anthem of the Nice Collective --a bite-The size of the San Francisco apparel company.That's how he and his partner Joe Haller encouraged fashion students when they were invited to talk about their business at the Academy of Arts and California Institute of Arts and Crafts.They created their own ber brand.Fashion, casual clothing for men and women, multi-functional clothing on the edge of the city and wit.(The jacket becomes a vest and a shirt;Pants into shortsYou can wear origami.) 30-year-old Harler moved here from New York 6 years ago, where he was an operating room radiologist during the day, go-Go dancing at night.The 28-year-old Hannula landed here about the same time, a Marine combat photographer and...disc jockey.They met at a carnival party called evil in the nightclub, which we call 1015 Folsom."We will be successful right away," Hannula said .".Nice Group (name from go-of-Harle-Go tag, "Joe Nice One"), starting with an umbrella concept that includes DJs, club sponsors, photographers, graphic artists who live together on the chaotic Richmond district crash padIts most charming features are: bright orange, yellow and brown carpets."In fact, you will climb the person who is too big to play the keyboard," says Haller ."."Someone will make a pillow in another room.Knocking on the door was six friends from England.Including legendary DJ Josh Wink.) "People often come over on Sunday morning --This is the end of the "other.We call it the brain "."(Hanunura and Harler still live and work in that apartment with their pets: an iguanas named Gloria, a surveillance lizard named Boba andOver time, other members of the collective continue to move forward."Because we are willing to work hard, we stick to it longer than others.Charming and interesting at first.Then, when people see how much time it takes..."At the time, they were only called drums in the scene of the club --and-The bass DJs "get up and shine" but Hannula and Haller want more.Soon, the fashion novices tasted the sweetness for the first time."We have always been interested in design style."We 've been trying to promote shirts, but we 've never looked into fashion," says Haller.In the face of many choices, they finally chose a way of expression and made it work."All these late nights (working as a dj) are paying the price."So we became very organized, found a sales rep and worked out our business plan based on the idea of combining art with business," says Haller ."."We want to grow.They started offering T-shirts-plus.Neither of them has studied design, but the gentle pace of the urban apparel industry allows them to understand business at a comfortable pace.Experts are willing to help."We track down a pair of pants to create our first pattern," Haller admits ."."Our sewing contractor asked, 'Why are you doing this?Then they will guide us in the right direction.We keep a part of it in our hearts.The rest of us did it our way."Things are not always right," Hannula added ."."But these mistakes are a key part of developing our own style.Not only are we learning architectureThis is about an idea in the clothing table.They describe the concept as a high concept, but actual, modern, graphic and architectural."We're trying to put a lot of information in every article, so it's exciting to talk about it," Hannula said .".See who is talking.Creative City professionals in their 20 s to 30 s enjoy technology and music, and they are attracted by the nice project.Natural fibers are mainly used-Some synthetic materials are synthesized because of their properties and structures."We balance all the details of the clothes with natural fabrics," says Haller ." He cited their interest in "advances in fabric technology.Neutral toneor, "drab" -Added a little color."A good collective decline of 2000 was inspired by data, information and technology," said Hannula ."."We used the shocking numbers blue and green --As you can see on the LED screen."The inspiration for Nice Collective spring 2000 (titled airline) comes from fancy flights.The "kite shirt" with aerodynamics is made of polycarbonate-Sell with ropeIt can fly and can be worn completely.Beautiful Details: structure boning of skirt and jacket, complex zipper, hot embossed, disjointed arm hole, reversible, hand-written finish, strap, quilting, unusual stitching andSome can become two, three.We like to show the extreme.But let it work, "says Hannula."We also encourage the revision of our clothing," Haller added ."."Cut things off or..." Heavy-Rock stars like Bush, Moby and David Bowie are already good people.Michael Jackson's handHe picked a beautiful shirt on the cover of his recent TV Guide.While the interview is in progress, Urb Magazine (an electronic music and digital culture Bar in Los Angeles) has called for another cover to be launched, screaming only for Nice.You can find smart rags around the world: Paris, Tokyo, Singapore, Munich, Frankfurt, London, Vancouver, Australia, Barney (all major cities in New York and USA)S.Fred Segal in Los Angeles and Rolo in San Francisco."We are still very small," says Haller ."."We want the company to grow and grow so that we are free to do more in art."We are moving into the evolutionary process of design," Hannula added ."."We just keep trying to do better and better."Go ahead, take a megabyte: <
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