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navy blue athletic leggings Francie Doll’s Style: 1970

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-13
navy blue athletic leggings Francie Doll’s Style: 1970

The new decade has begun!

Like her clothes;She entered 1970 in 16 new clothes and 8 were repeated last season.

There are several new hairstyles, shorter flips and curls with blonde and brunette hair.At 1970, Mattel released a new

Doll and two others

Ancie doll with beautiful hair.

She has short blonde hair and is wearing a blue tricot dress with white crochet on her sleeves and waist.

A variety of styles of hairstyles can be arranged from her mind.The doll also has hair pieces that can be connected.

In a sleeveless party dress (attached to the lace with its metal pink bodicecovered, nylon-lined skirt).There are pink high heels on the skirt.

Dolls of the same size.

These clothes can also be worn.

(#1237, 1970-1971, 1974);Rose breastColorful satin jumpsuit with a wide waist and wide legs.A lace-Patterned top (with satin)The sleeves, hem and collar are put on the trousers.Hot-pink square-The Toed shoes finished the dress.

(#1238, 1970-1971, 1974);Fold hem and imperial waist of this pink doll dress.A pure folding coverThere are white slippers in the package (decorated in pink ).

(#1239, 1970-1971, 1974);White, flowerscolored, long-sleeved mini-The Imperial waist allows the skirt to flow on matching tights.Francie is wearing a short orange dress.Vest (blue vinyl lining) flocked ).Blue Buckle flat shoes look beautiful.

(#1240, 1970-1971, 1974);cream-Dark colored coatBrown spotted print and green satin lining.The wide belt, collar and package are all provided with white vinyl.There is a white water pump on the coat.

(#1242, 1970-1971, 1974);This sleeveless dress is very hot --pink, empire-Waist corset connected to satin skirt.It is covered with a pure lacey white cover.The waist and neckline are decorated in silver.Matching jacket..Large lace sleeves and silver weave...There are three silver buttons in front.Accessories include a silver handbagPink shoes and short white gloves.

(#1243, 1970-1971, 1974);a three-Red and navy costumesblue.The bell-Trousers and sleeveless, LongWaist vest with red and navy blue horizontal stripe pattern.The sleeves and shackles of this high collar shirt are red and the body and neckline are dark blue.Francetti is wearing dark clothes.Flat shoes with blue buckle.

(#1244, 1970-1971, 1974);This dress is made of pure white fabric with its fan-shaped design printed on the hem and bell sleeves.The sleeves and imperial waist are tied palepink ribbons.This dress is lined in white satin with lace braids at the neckline.Accessories include a white tulle veil with woven headwear, closed-Toe Pump and bouquet.

(#1245, 1970-1971, 1974);This dress has long yellow sleeves and a patterned skirt.An orange belt surrounds the empire's waist.The neck, sleeves, hem and front of this long coat are decorated with yellow fur.A matching hat, yellow hose and Middle

It looks like this.

(Sears exclusive #1512,1970-1973);There are several pieces in this group, and the colors and patterns are different.Included in the package: a longYellow long sleeve shirtwhite vest;horizontally-striped, multi-colored skirt;emerald-Green vinyl coat with wide collar and belt;Floral pajamas with underwear;Sleeveless, pleated, red or white party dresses with wide gold metal bands;petticoat;Two pairs of shoes (red and yellow );Soft slippers, a pair of pantyhose, a pair of stockings.

(#1761, 1970-1971);hot-Pink Suit shirt with long sleeves and silver buttons, half in front.Casual pants are bright-Yellow with geometric patterns (two shades of orange, pink and blue ).

(#1762, 1970-1971);Sleeveless miniWearing bright clothesIts three-color liner is covered with lace and folds.There is a bow at the waist.Accessories include pink stockings and closed Squaretoe shoes.

(#1763, 1970-1971);wide-legged coral-Colorful jumpsuit with tan lace trim on long sleeves and trousershems.Bow at the waist.Francetti is dressed in coral.Color, Squaretoed pumps.

(1764, 1970-1971);wide-Longitudinal line corduroy hooded cloak of turquoiseThe blue hood has golden bead buttons on the neck.The hem of the cloak is decorated with white or yellow fur.There are blue boots in the package.

(#1766, 1970-1971);

Love this bright red "modern" ensemble-Orange, yellow and purple.Sleeveless knit miniThe clothes are orange.Red bodice and fake high-collar shirts tied to a purple skirt.A crochet belt tied to the waist of the Empire.The long-Fur coat made of yellow, orange and pink fur.It is decorated with orange vinyl at the hem, front and neckline.Accessories include short purple-Pink gloves, orange pantyhose, purple knit hat (with orange vinyl bill), gold necklace, orange calfHigh boots and plastic camera.

(#1767, 1970-1971);It has a variety of mashups, including: knitted pants, mini pantsskirt, long-Waist vest (red pocket flap), long-Long-sleeved red top (with gold buttons on the front), plaid beret (with green pompoms in the middle), and darkGreen crepe scarfRed squared-There are shoes in the package.

(#1768, 1970-1971);This evening's ensemble features a long skirt with fluffy short sleeves.There is a satin ribbon around the waist corset.The dress is dark, raspberry.colored velvet.Short matchingThe waist jacket comes with a white collar.

Wearing a long halfNote under the skirt (with a folded hem and a bow/flower accent on the note ).She carried a white dress that was closed.toe shoes.

(#1769, 1970-1971);Long red, white and blue patterns-Long-sleeved shirts and matching tights. Tricot mini shorts with red vinylSkirt (thin white belt) with a long coat.Red knee-This outfit comes with high boots and a long white scarf (with tassels on the edges ).


Super Shirt;
Western Wild;
Western accessories made of suede fabric.They are packed in separate yellow (light brown decoration) and Brown (yellow decoration.

(Yes, it is Pancho, not poncho );over-the-Turquoise, purple-red, dark-knit head poncho-Green and white with white stripes.The neckline is decorated in white vinyl.Pale-Sunglasses in pink and dark blueblue go-Go boots is added in appearance.

Bask in the sun with their friends.

16 sets of new clothes, one set of gifts and all 16 sets of suits were produced in 1970.

Ready for the SunHer closet is full of the latest styles!
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