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navy blue athletic leggings Barbie Doll's World in 1975

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navy blue athletic leggings Barbie Doll\'s World in 1975

It was 1975 ...The year before the Olympic Games..Time in barbia®To keep fit!In addition to the "Olympic Barbie" dolls and accessories, Mattel has released a series of "free-moving" dolls (levers with control movements) that can handle their tennis rackets and golf clubs.

Her friend went to the beach.In 1975, the most popular fashion model in the United States began to work out and met some new friends. of course, more clothes were added to her wardrobe!

(#1067, 1975-1977);

The doll is wearing a red tricot swimsuit.

(#7291, 1975);The African-American doll is wearing a colorful dress.exposing, long-Long sleeve top and maxiwrapped skirt.When you brush or twist your hair, her "magic" hair will curl instantly.

(#4220) 1973 ).

(#7745, 1975-1977);This beautiful African-American doll is wearing a yellow nessuit ot swimsuit.

(Europe) (#7192,1975-1976);

There is a "twist" on the waist and the bendable legs ".She is wearing an orange swimsuit.

(#9093, 1975-1976);The blonde-A hair doll in a sparkling white satin ballet dress, with ballet slippers on his feet and a golden crown on his head.She stood on a white plastic shelf carrying three roses.

(#9613), which contains a ballet outfit for Barbie and two other sets: long pink-

(#9327, also sold separately );a mid-The length of this white ballet costume is matched with a textured thin gauze skirt, underwear and skirt.
Olympic Barbie®And P.J.

(#7264, 1975-1976);

Come to the slopes in red, white and blue ski suits.Blue plastic strap, red hat and goggles, white boots.

Wearing a yellow "bib" with the number "9" and her gold medal!Olympic athletes hold blue ski poles and yellow skis.

(#7233, 1975);

Wearing a red, white and blue tricot swimsuit, she won the gold medal at the Olympics.The doll was also made by Canadian Olympians.-It has a red and white swimsuit and a slender medal.Mattel's 1975 spring catalogue points out that the supply of these dolls is limited;Publications released later in the same year did not include gold dolls.

(#7262, 1975-1976);

wore a long-Long Sleeve Pleated dress in red, white and blue.The gear includes white skates and her gold medal.
Gold Medal P.J.
(#7263, 1975-1976);
Jump and flop in red, white and blue tricot's leotard.She has a red warmthJacket (white sleeves, red cuffs), white slippers and gold medal.
(#7270, 1975-1976);This lively and flexible doll is wearing a fitted toy set (white and red stitching) and a red ribbon on her hair.There is a long red dress in the box (white flower), tennis racket, golf club, tennisGolf and white sneakers.
Free-Moving P.J.
(#7281, 1975-1976);
.Wear a white and green tricot set (with a green hair band ).There is a matching skirt, white tennis shoes and sports accessories in the box: gray plastic tennis rackets, golf clubs and tennis --golf ball.

(#7283, 1975-1976);


White and Orange tricot playsuit (orange hair band) goes with a long orange dress (white flower ).Like the rest.

The package includes standard sports equipment for the series.

(#7470, 1975-1977);

Black hair!Her colorful swimsuit (white with floral print) matched the long dress.Barbie made a pink flower on her hair and made a flowering thunder on her neck (red, purple, white and yellow ).Package includes an ecru-Colorful grass skirts, underpants, ukulele and the Sun sailor boat.

(#9042, 1975);Barbie can only be sold through the catalogue and sold as an exclusive product of Sears department store, she attended the Oympic party in a long white dressLong-sleeved shirts, silver skirts (red, white, blue), blue plastic straps and chunky shoes.The package includes a set of (red, white, blue) ski suits, white boots, red hat and goggles, yellow number "9" bib, blue ski poles, yellow skis and gold medals.

(Australia) (#94 50, 1975 );

Green and yellow in Australia.There was an iron in the package.On the patch the child wears.
(#9044, 1975);

I fell in love with her.Long-sleeved skaters in red, white and blue with shiny blue skirts.She wore red pantyhose, white skates and gold medals.The package includes a swimsuit, striped towel, dress (red and blue sleeveless top with white pleated skirt), red jacket, red shoulder bag and white square --toed flats.

(Mexico) (#4331,1975 );

The hair is light brown and the eyes are blue.She wore a long dress.White gauzy dress (orange manpower rack decoration) and heavy orange shoes.This suit comes with a wallet that matches the skirt, comb and brush.

(Mexico) (#4332,1975 );

Wearing an orange shorts.Long sleeve top with long skirt;Printed beige.She tied an orange scarf around her neck and a ribbon and hairpin on her blonde hair.The top and scarf of the anniversary doll are dark blue.This set comes with a comb, brush, rubber band, curlers and white shoes.

Best Buy, Get-

brands.There is no special name for the dress (like the previous 1960 and 1970 suits );Instead, they have stock numbers for easy identification.

Get ready for summer!

Short flowers in red and whiteSleeveless white peasant top printed skirt.This shirt features nine points of lace and red flowers on the waist.There is a red and white scarf on the clothes.

Two-Set in red, bright floral colors in blue, yellow and white.The corset is white.

#7210 and #9001 sets from Ken Doll.


I like to wear her long red pajamas with "feet" on my pants ".Jam decorated with white lace and white buttons on the back are similar to the pink pajamas set (#7220) of the Skipper Doll ).

This navy blue dress features ruffles, floral patterns and a small bow at the waist.There is also a headband on the skirt.Captain doll has the same costume (#7223 ).

The long red dress is printed with white pins.Dots and clusters of blue and white flowers (with green leaves.The waist-folded top is tied with a white ribbon around the neck.The suit is coordinated with Francie Doll (#7214) and Ken Doll (#7255.

#7209 the same material is woven in the skirt.

Red trousers and a white sling top.

Wearing a red and white diamondchecked, long-Long-sleeved shirt tied to the waist.

"Peasant" fashion was popular in 1970!This \"vintage-It looks "The dress is white with red pin points and red floral patterns.The corset has fluffy, wrinkled sleeves and a pointed neckline.The dress was fitted with an apron.It coordinates with #7226 of Ken Doll.

Two pieces --a midriff-Red (blue and white flowers, white pins-dots;#7205) the same material and skirt that combines this material with a wide strip of blue chambray.The skirt and top coordinate with captain doll #7222 and Ken doll #7225.

The maxi-Blue denim dress.It cracks at the waist, revealing the red material with a floral pattern to v-shape.Denim Top is BraJust like a sling tied with a tie matching the red and floral prints (same as in #7202 ).

placed a wide-Brim side red hat with white dots.Ken Doll also has similar outfits (#9001 ).

#7210 has yellow denim fabric.

This summer dress with beautiful folds is sleevelessArrange the yellow sheath under the transparent yellow nylon cover.The white pin-The hem and sleeves are dotted with white folds.The neckline is dotted with a white flower.
outfit (#7847).


Olympic swimsuits in red, white and blue.There is a colored beach towel and gold medal in the package.


Skating clothes are sold separately from doll sets;Red, white, blueRed pantyhose, white skates and gold medals.


This sleeveless red, white and blue body set goes with red shorts numbered "9 ".The game included a gold medal and a pair of white tennis shoes.The background of a package is gray, yellow stars;

Dark pink standard.


Like the look of this summer;A Yellow Cropped Top-Elastic base and neckline-The dress is made of yellow, blue, white and red.

Wide pants Palace.Black floral prints in purple, coral, pink and green.The reddish-Orange Sling Top has nine points of folds.

A green dress dotted with pink flowers;The shoulder straps and front pockets are black.The pink insert has a small black bow around the neck.

This simple but beautiful dress is white with red dots on it.From the corset to the lower waist, this dress is decorated with a folded neckline and red flowers.


I like that patriotic look very much!The white dress of sleeveless summer class has red vertical stripes;Patch pockets are the opposite.The attached top of blue tricot shows its backRed and white ties.Also in the parcel;A red shoulder bag (closed with white stitching and golden beads ).

"Red, white and blue" is a feature of this long-term patriotic combinationLong sleeve top and red tricot shorts.The outfit comes with white socks, tennis shoes and a gold medal.


Ready to be in this long orange Office-Long-sleeved knit dress with brown \ "suede lint.\ "A matching hat (with red feathers), a belt and a brown vinyl shoulder bag finish the look.

Bright early-fall colors!The stretch pants are orange and have fine yellow vertical stripes.-The orange top has long yellow sleeves.The clothes are orange knitted berets.

Barbie, Kelly, P.J.
Their friends can wear these three.piece outfit.The red A-line, elastic-The waist skirt features a red vinyl pocket with white buttons.Three white buttons fell in front of the skirt.The short-Long-sleeved white top with blue stripes.Red vinyl on the corset and sleeve cuffs.The sun hat matching the skirt and top finished the dress.

This jumper has a bohemian style of fashion, like bandanna with a red print.

White, Long.Long sleeve shirt under red, black and white dress.With a scarf.-

#9023 ensemble of Doll.

(#7424, 1975-1976);
In the packaging: long, bright yellow trousers, elastic waist;Bright blue hat jacket with yellow sleeves, pockets and pull cords;two-Swim suit in blue and yellow.
Fashion accessories for Barbie (#3382 );
Footwear of various colors and styles, including: low-High heels in navy, red, white and yellow;Wedding with color upper;Short and fat shoes in yellow and black and kneesHigh "lace" boots in blue, white and red.
GU \ 'n G (#7241,1975-1976);Bright 'n gay festival to play!
Mixed five colorsand-Match separates and a pair of wedge shoes with a light blue upper.The suit is made of tricot and includes red trousers and a purple belt, a long geometricdesigned multi-Color dress (with shawl and hat) and redTop with blue straps.

Packed in plastic on (usually pink) cardsThrough the foam frontier.

Wear clothes.
GU \ 'n G (#7242,1975-1976);A busy girl is ready to dress up!

Wear red capri pants or a yellow skirt with a jacket (red stitching ).Including horizontal packaging-Striped and knee-length socks (orange, yellow, white and blue), paired with a sling top, a long scarf and a yellow chunky shoe.
GU \ 'n G (#7243,1975 );Classy U.S.Olympic Work-Out Warm-Ups!
The next year, as the world enters the Olympic Games, Barbie works out in red shorts or red trousers;Sleeveless vest in White;Long red, white and blueA long-sleeved jacket and a pair of tennis shoes.
GU \ 'n G (#7244,1975 );U.S.Olympic fashion wear on the parade!

Represent the United States with her red, white and blue!She marched through the parade in a white pleated skirt attached to her skirt's Red (blue trim) sleeveless bodice.Over the dress;a blue blazer.Barbie is wearing a white hat (red woven band), low white --High heels, red backpack and her gold medal.

Barbie and her friends are wearing beautiful clothes when they go out at night.Special settings-

Kelly, P.J.

too.White, orange and "barbie"®-Indicate the pink package with the inventory number;They have no title name.
Original fashion (#7931 );

I like her red evening dress.This nylon dress is decorated in white "fur" with two gold button cases on the front.The package includes a pair of red/white muff and thick red shoes.

Original fashion (#7932 );
On the top of the beautiful white satin skirt sparkling pure covered in silver and gold thread.The corset is red nylon.-Similar to the Cape-The sleeves and shoulders are decorated with white folds.The costume includes a red fold steal, a red opening-Shoes and white handbags.
Original fashion (#7933 );
Barbie has a choice of trendy green knitted trousers (silver horizontal line) and a green satin skirt.A low-Top with back straps with pants.There are green shoes and green satin in the package.Bottom jacket decorated in white "fur.
Original fashion (#7934 );
Barbie, dressed in her pink long satin dress with pure covering and the bottom of her high pleated skirt, looks like part of the "Southern beauty.The neckline of the sleeveless corset is wrinkled and the waist is light-colored.Supplement of dressA pure pink shawl and white woven "floppy" hat (with pink folds and flowers ).There are matching shoes in the package.

Items for the new season, fashion set and Olympic style, and repetition of Barbie Sweet 16 costumes (9-piece set).And an extra--


(#7882, 1975-1976);This gift set has everything the baby needs!There are several versions with diapers in the "blue" suit;A white christening gown and hat;White Velvet blankets printed in pink, blue and green flowers;yellow bib;high chair;bathtub;washcloth;bottles;Plates, cups, plates;romper;phone list;

Plaid apron and little doll for Sunshine family.The pink suit includes a high chair;bathtub;cradle;blanket;Soap, towels and "rubber" ducks;plate;bottles (2);bib;dress;bonnet;teddy bear;

apron;Phone bills and dolls.
Sears-Best Buy (#9006 );
Summer maxi-White printed red dress.The hem of the skirt has a high fold, similar to the smaller white fold on the short sidesleeved arms.A white fabric flower is inserted on the corset.
Sears-Best Buy (#9007 );
A medium-Blue chambray dress with patch pocket, white stitching and sling-The neck belt that allows Barbie to bask in the sun on her back.This dress features a red and white hat and a lanyard wallet.
Sears-Best Buy (#9008 );

in this two-Evening package.The lace straps in this light pink short pajamas match the bodice and the bottom.This night jacket goes with short and fluffy sleeves and a tie at the neckline.
Sears-Best Buy (#9009 );

Jacket.She wore more than one.colored floral-A sleeveless top is printed below.
Sears-Best Buy (#9010 );
White palazzo jumpsuit, wide, with red diamond-A board pattern and a red sleeveless top.The accompanying red jacket is printed with a board pattern on the collar.
Sears-Best Buy (#9011 );
This long, flowing skirt alternating solid yellow with wide strips, with floral and strawberry patterns printed on yellow.The sling top matches the printed fabric.It's tied to the front.
Sears exclusive (no inventory number );
This is a pink satin evening dress.The dress is covered with clear nylon and the hem of the fold is high.The wrinkled white "ribbon" strip revolves around the waist, the top of the lower layer, and the front of the skirt.The sling top of this dress is folded over the left chest of the corset.

long-Long-sleeved pink satin jacket with wide laceEdge collar, cropped at elastic waist-It is closed with a white bead button.The set includes a gold handbag, a pink fabric flower and a green ribbon, "gold-Pearl necklaces, cardboard mirrors and pink openings-toed shoes.

There are costumes in the Sears \ '1975 catalog.
Olympic fashion (exclusive in Sears 1975, no inventory );

Olympic fashion in this boxed suit: "parade" dress in red, white and blue;Skating clothing (blue-Sparkling skirt and collar, long red sleeves with white stripes in front of the corset );White skates;red pantyhose;Swimsuits in red, white and blue;horizontally-Striped beach towels;long-Blue long sleeve jacketA white hat decorated in red;white low-heeled shoes;Red backpack and three gold medals.

Flower set (Sears, #9046 );
Barbie in Brown wed shoes and eggplant

jacket).Her sleeveless, off-The white shirt is wrinkled at the waist, with lace on the neckline, arm holes and the front of the corset.A red fabric flower is attached.Off of Ken doll-White Pants (brown stitching) match the yolk of his jacket (four brown buttons on the front ).Sleeves and collar with Barbie dress.

Wear brown cowboy boots.
Plaid set (Sears, #9047 );
Barbie's bright red pants and red berets are resurrected with her navy.Blue, white, red, yellow plaid-patterned cape.The red chunky shoes finished the look.Ken Doll matched his best girl with plaid pants and a navy blue (white collar) jacket secured with a blue belt.

Wearing a white dress on his feet-brown shoes.
Flower suit (Sears, #9048 );
Printed flower fabric--white on brown.

Wearing a straight tubeline, front-Fancy pleated dressRobin's long-sleeved shirt-The egg blue gathered at the waist.The outfit includes a pair of brown, chunky shoes and shoulder bags (decorated in brown and white stitching ).

The clothes have thick trousers and a jacket with two brown buttons.He was dressed in Robin's clothes.Egg Blue dickey (with red bow tie) and brown shoes.

sets;Three of them began to repeat in 1974.
Barbie Sweet 16 fashion sewing magic supplement-

Barbie and Ken doll

Barbie and Ken doll sewing magic supplement-
(#7277), will be used with Sew magic sewing machine.Children can design 4 sets of clothing for Barbie and 4 sets for Ken.

In Europe, some clothes are not available in the United States.
At her wedding, Barbie in satinLace lined gownTrimmed pure nylon cover.The long-The long-sleeved dress has a high neckline and two layers of lace at the hem.A mid-A length of tulle is attached to the satin headwear.

A bouquet of light pink flowers with tulle and ribbons on it.There are thick white shoes in the package.
This amazingAn evening dress features a soft floral watercolor print of pure nylon on a white satin skirt and a pink corset.It has an attached fabric flower at the waist.

Pink satin cloak tied to the neck, pink pantyhose, shoes, and a gold handbag.
The blue of this dressThe dress has a faux pocket with a calf button, a Navy-sewn trim and a vinyl belt.A square neckline highlights the length of color and geometrysleeved bodice.The outfit comes with a blue coat, a Navy vinyl belt, a colorful scarf, a red backpack and heavy blue shoes.
Blue stripes and red stitches--There are several Barbie items to choose from: skirt (three red buttons in front );Trousers (belts );blazer (floral-Printed collar, cloth pocket, red handkerchief );Red sleeveless top with nine pointsLike a waist;floral-Shoes with hats and short red.
This is a mix-and-A collection of skirts, sweaters, straps and accessories.Black, floralThe Tricot printed skirt matches the sling top, which is tied to the neck with a small stringlike strips.Short skirt-Black satin--Shows the bottom hem of its fold.The package includes a black sweater decorated with lace and white "fur", black underpants, stockings and chunky shoes.

Steffie, P.J.

Prepare for school in this casual dress;Pleated skirt with elastic straps on the back (orange and yellow/white );Bright yellow longLong-sleeved shirt with nine-packlike waist;An orange sweater tied on the front;Orange hat, brown shoulder bag and orange kneehigh boots.

Canada (#7474);

long-Long-sleeved pleated dress with red and white bodice and shiny blue skirt;White skates and red pantyhose.
Red knitted shorts;White sleeveless top;long red pants;white socks;multi-Colorful jackets and sneakers.

one-Skirt (pleated white skirt, red and blue sleeveless corset );blue jacket;White hat (red braid decoration );Red backpack, White low heel.There are three "gold medals" in the package ".
Barbie and Valerie (for sale in Mexico)1974-

Wear clothes ).Many foreign releases in the 1970 s were similar to those of the United States.
Off-white maxi-Dress with laceHigh hem with side sleeves and multiple fold edges.The front of the skirt, the neckline and the bottom of the hem have lace.There is a red cloth flower on the waist.The dress is a short red shoe.
This bag has red tricot capri pants, long white-Long-sleeved shirt, dark brown vest, shoulder bag and light brown lace-up knee-high boots.

Including an olive.
Coat with brown faux fur collar with olive skirt, white top with green floral print and butter-yellow boots.

Navy blue dress or trousers in white and yellowStriped shirt (Navy trim on the neckline) and yellow lace-up boots.Including a blue hat and a navy "suede" belt.

At 1975, Barbie's friends and family also have something new!Olympic-

Stylish illuminated bar®Parts of toys and department stores.

(#7280, 1975-1976);


(Europe, #7194,1974-1977);

(#7261, 1975-1976);


(Europe, #7193,1975-1977);

(#9259, 1975-


(#7699, 1975-

(#9000, 1975-1976);
Tutti \"Swing-
(Europe, #7453,1975-1978);

(Europe, #74 54,1975-

(Europe, #7455,1975-1978).

Among the new products added in 1976, the most popular teen fashion model in the United States used her "fast-She started her hair and continued her ballet.


Dancing curled up.

(#9599, 1976-1977).

(#9613) also came back in 1976.
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