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Mum's anger over 'sexist' clothing at Asda - leggings and tights

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-26
Mum\'s anger over \'sexist\' clothing at Asda  -  leggings and tights
A parent who bought clothing for her child said she was "shocked" by how Asda sold baby clothing ".
Catherine Tiney shared on Twitter her annoyance about the "daily sexism" shown in the product description, her anger shared with other parents on the platform, they said they met gender stereotypes while shopping for their children.
Catherine's tweet said: "I was shocked by the different descriptions George Ada (georgeatasda) used for boys and girls.
"The active little man who needs comfortable clothes to move with them, or the cute little princess who looks like a button," Are you really kidding?
# Daily gender discrimination @ let clothesbe
"This tweet is shared with product description pictures of" baby girl leggings and jeans "and" Baby Boy troupe.
According to the description of the girl's costume, it said: "Find the perfect gift for the little princess with the baby girl leggings and jeans we collected.
Oh, gorgeous detailsso-pretty pastels. . .
Although the description of the baby boy said: "Our baby boy pants are comfortable styles, which means that he can be busy as he wants . ".
"Since this tweet was shared, many other parents have shared similar views with Catherine.
User @ Loolovestea said: "I bought some children's clothing in Asda the other day.
I can't believe how sexy these girls are.
It's like girls are just decorating items.
"It's terrible!
My son doesn't like how ugly the boy's clothes are, too much black and navy.
Please give me more orange, red and green!
"And," said TomWallace74, "Yesterday our 4yo girl wanted superhero pants.
Of course, we have to go to the "boys" area because everything for girls is pink, princess and unicorn. . . Argh!
"There is currently a Twitter feed dedicated to campaigns against gender stereotypes for children, and @ letclothesbe often emphasizes shops that dress separately for boys and girls.
A spokesman for Asda said: "We know that all of our customers, even the youngest, have styles they like.
"That's why we have a lot of different descriptions that give our customers a sense of the thousands of products we sell.
We are pretty sure we have something for everyone and we never want to offend.
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