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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-05
Facial Care, facial care, men's skin care products, men's skin care productsAging, male skin care, male facial care, male, real male weekend is not an excuse for you to wear sportswear and not take a shower.It may be tempting though!Of course, you 've always been a slave to shoes and ties during the work week.But you can still look great on the weekend and impress the ladies without sacrificing comfort.Start male facial care from your face.People will see your face first.So, be careful even on weekends when you look the best!You have a little room for maneuver during weekend grooming.You don't have to shave.That is to say, as long as you look a little rough, not like a mountain man.For women, it is very attractive to leave a little stubble.But don't neglect to wash your face!Wash with a cleaner (common cosmetic term cleanser) and then apply a thin layer of protective agent (common cosmetic term moisturizer) to the skin ).This will help to avoid dull and greasy skin.If you will stay in the sun for a while, remember the sunscreen.Don't skip these steps if you have a late night out!Your face will thank you.Reconsider your wardrobe.There is nothing more disgusting to women than a man looks like a lazy man.That's not to say that if you're just going to the coffee shop for a quick bump or meet up with a friend for a few drinks, you have to spend an hour picking out a outfit.But you should take a few minutes to make sure you are in good condition.Remember a few of these tricks.Throw away that college jersey!If you graduate from college (and worse, you're in your forties), don't wear that hooded jersey in public.It was great one afternoon when you watched the game with the kids.But no one said you were trying to regain the brilliant time of the university, just like walking around with your alma mater behind your back.Of course, I have committed this kind of crime in the past, but I have never committed it again!There are several ways you can live longer.Although it looks good, it is still suitable.Be sure to forget those loose cargo shorts during the warm months.You are no longer a Brotherhood boy smuggling beer in his pocket!Stick with more custom chino or khaki cloth shorts, a little shorter.You don't need to hang your shorts on your ankles.In the cool months, forget the old jeans.Choose jeans that are darker and thinner, but will still give you enough room to move.Remember shoes.Don't forget your feet on the weekend.Of course, your barking dog needs to get a welcome break from the restricted clothing shoes or work boots.No problem with sneakers.Make sure they are clean!Nothing sets off a beautiful dress more than a pair of muddy, spoiled sneakers.Boat shoes are also a comfortable alternative to sneakers and jeans.Do yourself a favor if you have to wear sandals.You don't need to fix your feet (I never felt comfortable enough to do it, to be honest), but make sure your toenails look decent.There's nothing more embarrassing than a woman noticing your long and dirty toenails!With a little effort, you can look the best even on weekends.So throw away those sweat and give yourself a quick --Before you go out, look in the mirror and you'll be on the way to impress the ladies!Who knows, you might find yourself having a few phone numbers on the weekend!
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