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mesh yoga pants how to stamp fabric | ehow

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-03
The printed design on the fabric gives you the opportunity to personalize pillows, clothing, bags and even tea towels, show off at home, or give it to friends and loved ones as a gift.Smooth and flat textile with almost no texture, most suitable for stamping;Otherwise, the image may not appear as expected.Test your stamping technique on waste paper or fabric similar to the item material to understand the effect of the stamping image.
If possible, wash and dry all fabric items before stamping to ensure they do not have chemicals or treatment during manufacturing.If the item has a care label, please follow the instructions for the care label;Otherwise, wash it in a gentle cycle and dry with low heat.If the project is not-Just like some throwing pillows, skip this step.
Place a piece of scrap cardboard on the working surface to prevent ink or paint from spilling.Put the item material on the cardboard and smooth.If clothing is used, for example T-One leg on a shirt or yoga pants, put another scrap corrugated board on the inside of the item behind the area you want to stamp.This allows the design to not penetrate into another part of the fabric.If you are using a elastic material that is hard to keep smooth, wrap it around a piece of cardboard and stick it to the back with a painter's tape.
Apply ink or paint on a thin layer of stamps.If you are using the ink pad, pat the stamp a few times and then firmly press it to the desired position on the fabric.If you are using paint, apply a little fabric paint on the stamp surface with a foam brush as an applicator.Keep the paint layer thin but thick enough to cover the entire design on the stamp.Press the stamp on the fabric.Lift the stamp straight so as not to get wet ink or paint dirty.
Make the design completely dry;It could take at least an hour.
Insert the iron and set it to low or medium heat.Choose the no-Steam is selected if it is a steam iron.Put the decorated fabric on the ironing board and make it as smooth as possible.
Place a brown craft paper or old cotton pillowcase on the item fabric, then iron the sheet or pillowcase for a few seconds and set the ink on the item.Ironing on paper or pillowcase ensures that the iron does not color your item fabric, and also prevents paint from dripping on the iron if delicate.Unplug the iron when you're done.
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