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mens hooded zip up sweatshirts Tips for Guys on Dressing Geek Chic

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-12
What is a freak?

geek chic?Geek fashion is a popular fashion style, whether male or female, and embraces geek or nerd culture while maintaining fashion.It requires the appearance of those rigid "geeks", such as thick rimmed glasses and straps, to mix it with some trendy accessories so that the wearer looks stylish, at the same time, they can keep a more interesting way of life and make them look more interesting.
Do you have to be a real geek in order to dress up geek fashion?Not exactly.

Geek chic fashion is popular, and even the hottest celebrities and fans will embrace their nerds.While this style doesn't require the wearer to have a little bit of a dark side that you're not afraid to show off, it doesn't hurt to embrace the geek deep inside you.
Here are some tips on dressing up geeks for those who are ready to try.Whether you want to add a little interest to your style or give yourself a new look, geek fashion is the way for smart people who are not afraid to play and it looks great to do it.
Am I a Geek?

It can be difficult for those who are not familiar with some of the basic features of the two.You might even be surprised to find that a geek is not exactly the same as a nerd.While being a geek doesn't matter what it's like to dress up a geek in style, embrace a geek or a nerd, if you have a geek, just make the style more fun, because you can express your interest through the clothes you wear.
The definition of geek or nerd varies from person to person.One thing is certain, though: nerds are a smart person, a little socially awkward, a little obsessed with all sorts of things (this can be TV shows, movies, comics, etc.), Although the geek is the same except for the socially awkward part.So the biggest difference between geek and nerd is that geek is more social.No wonder there is a fashion style named after them!

Once you understand where to start, it can be easy and fun to dress up geek fashion.For men, the best trick to learn how to dress in this fashion style is to know the most important accessories.


Tie (common tie or bow tie )...Have fun and don't be afraid to try some crazy patterns!

T-Shirt (plain t-Shirts can work, however, as you can see from the video, even Hawaiian shirts can be GeekChic.Have a good time, choose t-

Fun accessories (see what the store can offer.

In addition to these accessories, it is important to note that men in geek fashion clothing tend to have neat hair (unless they wear hats, like the first picture on the right above ).They also have clean beards or just a little facial hair.Although the geek fashion trend is for fun, it should also look clean and tidy and modern, meaning that it is hidden in a shirt and only jeans that are torn occasionally.When it comes to the fit of your clothes, you want to avoid anything loose.
Another important part of Geek chic's appearance is to remember that layering is the most important thing.While wearing a long-sleeved shirt and wearing some thick rimmed glasses will make you look a little odd, it involves some creativity to ensure that the best look that is considered geek fashion.Try the collar shirt under vLong-sleeved T-shirt or neck sweaterShirt under short-sleeved shirt.Sweater vests and sports jackets come in handy here.
Finally, don't be afraid to use some strange patterns on a tie or shirt.Geek fashion is for fun, so go there and get your favorite logo shirt or other shirt with repeated patterns.The second best part of this stylish style, in addition to how interesting you can make it, is the fact that many of the best accessories can be found in thrift stores at a low price.Just make sure you only use an attachment for one or two patterns when layering so you don't look too messy.
Now that you already have some basic tips on how to dress up geek fashion, go out and have fun with your own style!
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