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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-04
Even if the early autumn weather is the most changeable, it is also the best season to show fresh charm.Adidas NEO Label recommends the only coat in the seasonal transition to solve the problem of weather changes.Adidas NEO Label has bright color joints, logo design and is very creative in product details.Double-Wearing a face and three detachable straps makes you can't help but like them.In addition, this month will be introduced with a pattern, comfortable lazy shoes.Running in the wind with solid color stitching joints and geometric patterns --The wear-resistant coat solves all the trouble for you from the awkward weather, which is the best choice for early autumn.As before, this wind-proof clothing keeps the superior and uses waterWaterproof fabric that helps the lining, high density polyester, mesh fabric and taffeta with air permeability.The classic hooded jersey with slim fit and large cut has practical value.Adidas NEO Label's new contrasting color, split joint lines, changeable geometric patterns and 3D use of the logo make its new wind-proof clothing different.This month, adidas NEO Label mainly recommends various types of wind-proof clothing for you, so you can feel the lightness in the early autumn.The classic design of the three stripes that are constantly appearing in the adidas NEO Label products, as well as the mid-range shoes suitable for this season's competition, all make your feet stress free and feel happy randomly in the wind.With fresh creativity, light texture, stylish cycle and cham leather, this shoe has a light and comfortable performance.The design of bbneo lite mid is like basketball shoes, with large but light soles and rich upper joints, which will inspire NEO youth's enthusiasm for sports.Neo casual mid uses vibrant suede leather, textile joint uppers, a variety of colors and checks to express its fashion, so it becomes an unnecessary basic garment in your daily life.Se qt w, as the basic style of girls, presents new highlights in terms of design details and color matching.With bright pink, purple, gold, peach pink and green colors, bbneo street is elegantly designed and will become a must-have product for girls.Play with cool fallFoundation series with hat pattern.The basic series and patterned Hood will allow you to change your style.Various fabrics and appropriate thickness allow them to match the jack or suit.The boy's style is the clam and warm feel, the cool mix factor and the cute skull pattern evoke playful qualities, while the girl is brighter and more energetic with their favorite heart-shaped pattern.Do you want to follow the adidas NEO Label in early autumn?What is the meaning of adidas NEO Label?NEO Label follows the main fashion trends, drawing inspiration from the Adidas brand concept, providing clothing for daily sports and leisure.It sums up the different series of trees so you can choose any one of the types from vitality to fashion at will.
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