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men's hooded sweatshirt jacket how to find your own style? -

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-12
We all like to dress up, try new things and create new clothes.But how to choose something truly unique that you can create and wear in your own style?First of all, you need to know what top/jeans/shoes are best for you.If this style doesn't fit you, you can be seen as a "poser", then it doesn't make sense to follow a strict trend.
You must have at least one of your favorite, hoodie or scarf.Ask your companion if this project is for you and you want to compliment your features --Love beautiful hair, beautiful skin or flat belly.You want to dress like your companion, but find your own style and it looks good, right?Try to wear the clothes you know best for you.
If your legs are short, wear longer jeans and shorter tops.If your upper body is bigger than your lower body, try a different color combinationDark tops and bright jeans.Always ask your friends what they think about your current outfit.
Now, when you know what kind of items you want, it's time to express your personality in color!Put on clothes that make you feel natural.Don't let clothes wear you!There are many different combinations.If you like stronger colorsTry the black and green chess punk Hooded jacket, pink zebra striped punk Hooded top or comic print vintage T-shirt!But keep in mind that such a colorful top requires a plain bottomTry purple or black jeans, legit jeans, tutu jeans, etc.
If you prefer simple clothes, try a striped T-shirt.Black and white striped women's T-shirt, black and red striped men's T-shirt or hoodie: Star printed women's hat jacket, newspaper full printed men's hoodie.Accessories now-This is our costume.Just be careful with different patterns and designs.
If your top is colored, choose a normal hat: black cotton Trilby or gray striped Trilby.If you want to wear some trendy urban costumes: red chess Babe Anne, white chess Babe Anne, put on a regular top and match the color of the hat with the jeans/skirt.If you match the clothes you wear to your personality and choose what you feel natural, you will find your own style and appearance unique!.
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