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men hoodie style ! | - the ...

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-14
men hoodie style ! |  - the ...
Hello!I am now a college student and have recently started my first drop shipping business.I 've only done some facebook ads so far, but I'm not lucky.What do you think I should do for the effectiveness of advertising?Am I going to see the engagement ad before I get a fan?> The main advertisement at the time (newsletter-> Conversion ads for (conversion?Or should I run all 3 ads at the same time.Here is my page Oberonncollective.Please let me know if you have any suggestions, thanks!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Edit: I am new to all Internet marketing related regarding the full details I need help, so please be patient with me!Currently I am using the Oberlo plugin to sell some hype jackets and bracelets from AliExpress.The theme of the store is about leadership and motivation, which seems to have nothing to do with the product, but I plan to do a store blog, add something about leadership, and something that is not used for SEO.What do you think?I was priced at 100% (the vendor was selling for $20 and I was selling for $40 in my store) I made a facebook page and an instagram page for it, I just posted some Product pictures and some quotes about motivation.As far as marketing is concerned, I have only used facebook ads so far.I think I made a mistake and spent $15 on facebook conversion ads without sales, so now I'm running an engagement ad for about $5 a day.My ad was executed for $0.68. Is it a good number?or is it bad?I struggled in the target audience.Target Audience: Location: Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States30 gender: Language barrier: potential scope of influence in English (UK) or English (US): 530,000 people are interested: male fashion, male fashion and style, fashion men, men's or men's style fashion, behavior: High-End retail, men's fashion and clothing buyers, men's clothing, online buyers, higher than average consumption or accessories, must also meet: interest: men's fashion, fashion and fashion, men's clothing, street wear or men's fashion, behavior: men's wear or consumption above average, must also meet: interest: men's fashion, men's style, fashion men's wear, men's style, men's fashion, men's fashion, Diesel (brand), City outdoor products, fendi, Hiphop, Forever 21, OBEY Clothing UK, men's accessories, Gucci, Herms, street art, shopping, Givenchy, prada, Hugo Boss, Chanel, Zumiez, Hollister Co.Fashion Accessories, Gap, Gap Inc, J.Crew, confident, Bulgari, Louis Vuitton, Street Fashion, obedience clothing, fashion style 4, obedience clothing Singapore, Armani, men's clothing, Bape clothing, PacSun, men's clothing lab, men's fashion magazine (MFM) or fashion, behavior: highEnd retail, shoppers, men's fashion and clothing buyers, men's clothing, online buyers, autumn seasonal shoppers, spring seasonal shoppers, summer seasonal shoppers, winter seasonal shoppers, consumption above average, business clothes or accessories must also meet: Interests: men's style, men's fashion, fashion men's clothing, men's fashion, street fashion or men's accessories, behavior: men's fashion and clothing buyers, men's clothing, online buyers, above average consumption or accessories. My website: Facebook page: Instagram: please help me to solve what I did wrong and what else I didn't do wrong, thank you so much!
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