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long zip up hoodie mens Lisbeth Salander Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Costume and Makeup

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-12

Dress Guide with this girl Dragon Tattoo.Here you will find creative, budget-The savvy idea of reproducing Liz sarander's street punk styling includes her infamous dragon and wasp tattoos, tribal earrings, facial piercings, chopped hairstyles and bleached eyebrows.
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is the perfect inspiration for the girl who wants a dramatic new look, with the movie's sensational status, your sarandd-Inspired clothing will definitely be a big hit.

Sarander's clothes were badly tattered.Her signature.There was a huge rip around the neck of the shirt, a lot of smaller rip on the shoulders and back, and her right combat boots were fixed together with silver tape.Take a pair of scissors, some bleach and a fresh one.Make a cup of coffee on your clothes to reproduce the junk look of Lisboa.
Lisbeth Salander is provocative, complex, computer.Stiieg Larsson's hacker heroine, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, best in the New York Times-Novels starring Daniel Craig and Wayne Rooney Mara and amazing movies.
The best thing about this girl in a dragon tattoo dress is that the essentials of Lilith sarander are easy to find, cheap and reusable.

Thin, loose racerback tank top (or actual t-

Black leather jacket and zipper
Liz sarander's black leather motorcycle jacket is part of a must-have, possibly expensive dragon tattoo outfit for your girl.
Budget-Cautious salespeople can save money by scouring thrift stores such as Salvation Army and goodwill.If you are going to upset your motorcycle jacket or are not interested in making the leather part of your daily wardrobe, a solid thrift shop will find your best option.
On the other hand, leather, designer labels and professional inlaid motorcycle jackets will most likely cost you $40 to a few hundred dollars.
Whether you find your sarander or notInspired jackets for online or thrift stores, be sure to avoid custom girly coats instead of a more traditional men's motorcycle jacket.Lisbeth's style is functional, not stylish.A square cut jacket with lots of pockets and zippers, paired with a black hoodie and tattered long sleeve shirt, would look great.
When you're looking for the perfect jacket, pay attention to the more worn-out plain zip hoodiein, the better.An old department store jersey with several holes or tattered seams is ideal.Zip it open, pull the hood up, give your outfit a grunt feel, or drop the hood down to show off your chopped sarander wig.

If keeping warm is not a priority, choose a more explicit Salander --inspired top.
In the movie, sarander puts on a square sleeveless tank and a thin and loose racerback top, which is better for showing off your dragon tattoo!

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo leaves a deep impression on others without wearing clothes, especially on men, and despite the presence of Mohawk and piercings, she prefers to blend with the background rather than stand out.
Instead of sexy your outfit with a pair of actual painted outfitsOn leggings or skinny jeans, choose a loose black or dark gray cargo pair of pants.
âx9ex94 Black Lace-
A proper pair of combat boots will turn the most delicate girl into a tough computerHacker punk â x94, they are not only fun, stomping, they are also very practical.
Any ordinary army.The style boots will work, but it will work better if paired with a pair of straps, straps, zippers or laces.

Among the girls with the Dragon Tattoo, without her black spike tribal Horn Earrings, Lisboa is rarely seen.
To get a pair of earrings like those worn by Rooney Marla in the movie, check out the various tribal Horn Earrings available on Amazon and eBay.Most of the prices are between $10 and $25.

In The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Lisbe sarander relies on a variety of tools to keep himself warm, safe and employed.Salander's basic accessories include an olive green scarf, fingerless gloves, and a laptop she trustsInch MacBook Pro and the Taser gun she used to protect herself.To dress like Lisbeth, hide your gear in a worn-out black backpack.

Lisbeth is wearing a thick and dark dress.Warm colorful scarf.When choosing a scarf, insist on using monotonous neutral tones such as gray, olive green or brown to add a little color to the original completely black dress.The thicker the material, the better!
Black wrist-Fingerless gloves in length are also a must-have for Lisbeth saranderhave.Fingerless gloves Save the fingers of a dragon tattoo girl from computer hacking and self-attackdefense.Do you prefer DIY this way?All you need is a pair of scissors and some cheap black gloves.When cutting off, be sure to cut off half of each finger!

If you don't get a real dragon tattooMake a list and the most dramatic way to get your Lisboa sarandd costume identified is to bleach the eyebrows.
Although bleaching is technically permanent, your eyebrows will return to normal in four to six weeks.
If you prefer to look like sarander only for one night, you can use cheap-Hair dye set for home use (around $10 ).
Although in the Dragon Tattoo movie, the hairstyle of lishis sarander has changed throughout the girl, her black asymmetrical elf hairstyle and spike Mohawk
If you have enough courage to cut and dye your own lock, do it!Otherwise, buy a cheap black wig and cut it off with scissors.Don't forget the super short bangs of Salander, make sure your wig is a little longer on one side to replicate the flat Mohawk of our heroine.
If an Elf cut isn't bold enough for you, satisfy your inner street punk with Liz sarander's Mohawk.Wayne Mala briefly put on this unforgettable hairstyle at the beginning of the movie "Dragon Tattoo girl.Copy this look with a cheap Mohawk wig and don't forget to hide your lock with a fake hair cap.

Keep your mess and wrap it up with loose beans like Lisboa.
In The Girl of the Dragon Tattoo movie, light gray is the preferred color for Rooney Mara, but charcoal or black peas will also complement your sarander costume.
Although Rooney Marla did pierce her nose, nipples, eyebrows and ears to prepare for her role in The Girl with a dragon tattoo, you don't need to be like Lisbeth Salander
Thanks for all kinds of clipsOn Amazon's iron rings and magnetic studs, you can easily and temporarily recreate the piercing of sarander's nose, diaphragm, lips and eyebrows.
While some real ink will be great, the temporary replica of the Dragon and wasp tattoo by Lilith sarander will make sure that no one will mistake your dress for normal.Authenticity is key when recreating sarander's tattoo!Keep in mind that her dragon tattoo covers most of her left shoulder while her wasp tattoo is on the right side of her neck.
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