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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-11
The current disaster situation has prepared us for the future disaster in Pakistan.Therefore, everyone must realize that such a disaster will happen in the future.
For everyone seeking first-hand knowledge of earthquakes, this small thorn is made in a simple language.
Keep in mind that, without any warning, an earthquake can occur in most countries at any time.Reduce the danger and knowing what to do before, during and after will have a big impact on your life.So BE PREPARED.

Volcano: It happens when any volcano suddenly breaks out in the mountains.
2. Structure: when a huge tectonic plate under the ground pushes or moves.
3.Labor: This happens when any country tests a missile or nuclear bomb at home.

Here are the pre-planned tips for everyone before the earthquake.
For practice and pre-planning, anywhere, under a firm table, chair, bed or table, choose a safe place in each room where you are sure nothing willPlace yourself under a powerful table or table, hold firmly, and remember to protect your eyes and other sensitive parts of your body by pressing your face on your arm.If there is no table, bed chair or table nearby, sit on the floor and lean against the inner wall of the tall furniture that is far from the window, bookcase or may fall on you.Keep in mind that in the recent earthquake in Pakistan, most people lost their hands, legs or eyes due to lack of safety planning.
Prepare an emergency kit for your family including several mineral water bottles and non-mineral water bottlesPerishable foods are most likely dried fruits or canned foods, as well as manual canisters, paper trays, CupsFirst aid kit with basic medicine, sleeping bag, flashlight and battery-Operating radio with extra battery.Put this kit by the bed.
Trained on how to use fire extinguishers.Learn the value of work dignity.Don't be shy, because this practical training is worth it for you in the future.First aid training can also be obtained from guides, scouts or any non-governmental organizations in Pakistan who provide training like Aga Khan Fox for humanitarian aid to Pakistan.
Buy a fire extinguisher for your apartment if possible for future needs.
Write a diary and keep the important phone number of the family in the diary.Keep this diary in your wallet.
· Fix tall furniture cabinets, fountains and all heavy objects on the wall and install strong handles on the cabinets.
Try to be vigilant at any time by listening to the latest updates on TV channels/stations.
· Develop an earthquake safety action plan for your family, identify areas that can provide maximum protection during the earthquake, as well as escape routes and escape routesMeeting place.
Teach family members how to cut off water, gas and electricity in the house.
Protect heavy objects (E.G.g.TV, audio, computer with bracket or seat belt.
Use light and small mirrors in your room.
Protect ceiling fan fans with safety cables.
Apply safety film on windows and glass doors.
Plastic or steel appliances for food or cooking purposes, not glassware.If you want to use it, put your glassware in the cabinet after each use.
Install the handle on the kitchen cabinet door to prevent items from falling.

Close your power and gas pipeline immediately.
If you are indoors, you can sit under chairs, beds, furniture, tables, etc.Stay away from the glass windows and protect your body with your arms.If you are in the kitchen, move away from the fridge, stove and cabinet.If you are in a wheelchair, stay in a wheelchair.Move the lid, lock the wheel, and protect the head with the arm, if possible.If you are on the bed, hold on and protect your head with a pillow.Sit or close to the floor if possible to keep the furniture legs balanced.
Away from the door, strenuous movement can cause the door to hit your body, squeeze your finger or cause other serious damage.
Don't run outside, because it may have seen that most deaths occur in earthquake bumps due to running outside without considering negative results.Keep in mind that an earthquake may take the lives of all people and may destroy all buildings in a few seconds.Please don't be so upset.Relax and stay at the door until the shake stops.
If you are outdoors, move to a clear area away from trees, signs, buildings, wires and poles.Please do not park on or under the bridge.If you're on a sidewalk near a building, bend down to protect yourself from falling bricks, glass, plaster and other debris.If you are driving, stop by the side of the road.Stay in the car until the shaking ends.Don't rush to leave if you're in a crowded store, stadium or theater.Remove from the display rack containing objects that may fall.Sit on the ground or under any heavy furniture and protect the head with your arms.

Check if you are injured.Put on trousers and a pair of trousers to protect yourself from further dangerLong-sleeved shirts, sturdy shoes and working gloves.First aid for serious injuries.
Find and put out small fires.Eliminate fire hazards.
If you do not turn off the gas at the beginning of the bump, if you smell the gas or gas leak, turn off the gas immediately.
Be alert to aftershocks.Every time you have a feelingJust put yourself under any heavy furniture.
Pay attention to the damaged utility.Avoid loose or hanging power lines and report all gas and electrical problems to the appropriate authorities and close any damaged utilities.
Replace candles or lanterns with a flashlight.
Wear protective shoes.If the earthquake happens again, put your shoes and gear by the bed.
Check if your home is damaged.If your home is not safe, take everyone out.
If your building is reasonable, stay inside and listen to the radio, or reliable news channels like ary one, CNN, BBC, FM 101, etc.

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