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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-11
1.Please be sure to read the instructions before operating the mower.I know it sounds boring, but there's a good reason you should read it (haven't you thought about why you 've never set a time on a vcr?).
2.Always pick up all the foreign objects before you start cutting the grass.Items that will adversely affect the mower are rocks, branches (sometimes even small branches), children's toys, hoses.
3.Do not let children or pets play in the yard when you trim the lawn.
4.Please note the instruction manual for operating the mower.If it says push it, don't pull it.It sounds obvious, but some mowers are designed to move in a specific direction.
5.Do not fill the fuel tank of the mower with gas in closed areas such as indoor, garage or shed.This can lead to the accumulation of combustible smoke.
6.Do not smoke when filling the tank and stay away from any other type of open fire.
7.Avoid storing oil, gas and gasoline in unmarked containers, especially in containers previously used for consumption.
8.Do not add fuel to the mower while the engine is running or the mower is still hot.
9.Every time a mower is used, fill the tank first before you start cutting the grass.
10.Children should not be allowed to operate your mower.If you are going to have your child operate the mower, make sure to give them clear instructions and complete safety briefing before they start and never leave them, depending on their age.
11.Before doing any maintenance work on the mower, remove the spark plug.
12.Do not start the engine when you are in any type of enclosed area (Shed, building, etc.This can lead to a build-up of toxic smoke.
13.Do not leave the mower when the engine is running.If you do have to walk a short distance (carrying a covering for example), make sure you keep an eye on the mower at all times.
14.If you need to make some type adjustments to the mower mechanic, make sure the engine is off.
15.Always wear closed shoes and trousers when cutting grass.
16.When trimming the lawn, stay away from the discharge slot, because dangerous objects can be thrown from the slot at a fairly fast speed.

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