long hooded sweatshirts for women Robbers pepper-spray Danville store customers

by: INGOR     2019-08-17
long hooded sweatshirts for women Robbers pepper-spray Danville store customers
Police said that on Friday, three masked men wearing sledgehammer robbed a consignment store in Danville, to customers and employees before breaking the glass jewelry box and running away with what was insidePolice Chief Steve Simpkins said the robbers appeared to be familiar with the Home Consignment Center at Camino Ramon 1901, which appears to be a furniture store in appearance."It is not easy to buy jewelry in the store."At first glance, it seems to be a furniture store," Simpkins said ."."They went directly to get the jewelry and went out directly.The attack took place before 10: 30 A.M.m.Simpkins said it lasted less than three minutes.Police say the robbers could be a Cadillac in a white car.The last time I saw the car was in the direction of Camino Lamont heading south and pilgrimage Ramon.The owner is reviewing inventory records to determine the value of the stolen jewelry, Simpkins said.Police said the paramedics treated several people exposed to pepper spray at the scene, while the other two were hospitalized.The authorities say the impact usually disappears in a few hours.The suspects are wearing white T-shirt jeans.There are shirts, black hooded jerseys, gloves and masks.Police say it is difficult for witnesses to describe the suspect's race and age due to masked jerseys and masks.Investigators are reviewing video footage of the attack and looking for witnesses who may have seen the car drive away.Police are investigating whether a similar crime has occurred recently."We will cast the net," said Simpkins ."Police ask anyone with criminal information to call (925) 314-3711, or to e-Amaldonado @ Danwell.ca.gov.
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