long hooded sweatshirts for women Britain cracks down on youths in hooded sweatshirts

by: INGOR     2019-08-17
long hooded sweatshirts for women Britain cracks down on youths in hooded sweatshirts
2005-07-London PDT 04:00:00--Nowadays, teenagers only need to wear a hooded jersey to send a trembling of fear in the middle.class Britain.Young people wearing "hoodie" have become a symbol of low-key.Vandalism and minor crimes.Since last month, there have been six shopping malls and schools in the UK that have banned headcovers and other clothes that can cover their faces.As part of a bigger effort to create what he calls respect for culture, Prime Minister Tony Blair approved the clothing ban that began last month at Blue Water Mall in southeastern Kent."People are tired of the streets --Shopping around the corner-"Central mob," Blair said.He added that this misconduct "made it impossible for our town centerGo to the area for decent citizens."The ban on blue water and Blair's support sparked an open debate about personal freedom, the prevention of intimidation and the status of youth in society."It's like streets and shopping centers will be cleaned up by anyone who might bring you a little bit of trouble," said Tom Wyley, chief executive of the government's National Youth Agency, he has been critical of the attention to the hoodie.Some have noticed that these clothes can keep the wearer warm and dry-There are some things that cannot be ignored in the British climate.Some people complain that young people have been shaped."When we make assumptions about (young people) because of the clothes they wear, we should try to remember the rebel uniforms we wear at their age," Chris Paling said ,", in a letter to The Daily TelegraphFor about a decade, some people thought the hooded jersey was scary.Some malls and schools have imposed informal bans on hoodies for years.But until recently, national politicians began to describe the costumes as a criminal threat, and young thugs used them to hide their identity from security cameras.With Blair launching his social activities, the hoodie is no longer tolerated in many places.Last month, a court banned a Manchester teenager convicted of violating the law from wearing a hoodie for five years.After widespread promotion of the blue water ban, Elephant Castle Mall and several schools in southern London followed suit.Other stores have announced that they have started enforcing the informal ban.Mark Knell, center manager, said that at Elephant Castle, vendors have been complaining that teenagers wearing headscarves intimidate customers and discourage people from shopping.Then, teenagers wearing headscarves broke four windows in six weeks.The security camera took a video of the vandals but did not capture their faces."This is really the last straw," Knell said .".Pat mode, 73, says that since the ban is in place, "you're not always on guard," his wife is shopping on the benches in the center of the elephant and the castle.Young people with headscarves used to make you nervous, he said.The 24-year-old mall guard Andre Clem said he was enforcing the ban every day and would be happy to do so."When they put on the hood, they are like robbers," Klem said .".He says teenage boys will run around and play like American gangster rappers.But when teenagers take off their hats, they return to normal child status, says Klem.Two 16-year-Old shoppers wearing loose sweat-proof clothes, head covers and baseball caps turned back and thought the ban was a good idea.They said they were wearing a hood on the street for fashion.But inside, they hid their hood, "so people don't start looking at you the way you don't want them to see it."Because of the shame that followed, I haven't worn a hoodie for about eight years," said 24-year-old George Mecca, who works at The Gap in central London and sells a hoodie.However, civil liberals have expressed reservations about linking style to behavior."You create this fear of the younger generation again, and they're not doing well in all aspects, not really targeting individuals who engage in criminal activities," said Doug Jewell, coordinator of the civil rights group Freedom Movement.Yousef Osman, 15, said that even if a few people in a hoodie don't perform well, the dress code for teenagers won't solve the problem.year-Old members of the government-funded U.K.The Youth Council is an organization that attracts the attention of the government."A lot of these people are anti-social because they definitely don't have better things to do," Osman said .".
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