long black sports leggings Vera Wang, Reem Acra: Highlights from NY bridal fashion week

by: INGOR     2019-08-22
long black sports leggings Vera Wang, Reem Acra: Highlights from NY bridal fashion week
My bridal collection was imitated in New York on Thursday, April 11, 2019.My bridal collection was imitated in New York on Thursday, April 11, 2019.NEW YORK (AP) —There was a church wedding with Madonna's soundtrack.At Bride's fashion week April in New York, drink tea at a luxurious midtown hotel, tulle and train in the yard and yard.Dozens of designers have received media and buyer appointments or have arranged fashion shows and presentations for two events --The bride's dress celebration is held every year, this time in spring 2020.Some highlights: REEM ACRAShe has surpassed himself and filled the huge and historic St in Midtown.Bartholomew's Church has expanded her guest list, including the regular bride.This series is a mix of modern MiniThere is a simple celebration mood for dresses, shorts and more traditional dresses: Thank you.Forty years ago, in 1979, 17, she wrote in the Bible: "Thank God, you have given me more than I deserve.You gave me more than beautiful, you gave me the power of beauty.Thank you."In return, she gave our lovely pink flower children, with dazzling artificial candles in their hands and messages of love printed on the corset, live singers score Madonna in front of the audience and Church driven by "like prayer."Working with Lebanese-American designer Joseph Abboud, she also showed us the grooms a touch-up look, including a dark pearl white dress shirt worn under a custom navy jacket.In some ways, Acra breaks the traditional veil model and wears sunglasses in some places.Many of these brides have been shaking for several days.Her church track adds fun with huge arches decorated in red, pink and white."I want to empower all women because I have to empower myself when I'm 17," she told The Associated Press after the celebration."This is a celebration for all of us."PHUONG MYTran Phuong My from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam launched her first bridal collection, challenging tradition, showing a bright red look, fighting white with long black gloves, and helmets-The disc head is shaped and flat.Phuong My is a graduate of the San Francisco University of Art and a luxury graduateto-Wearing a designer who produces some buzz with her non-Bride's debut at Autumn New York Fashion Week-winter.For the bride, a harp hand and Quartet perform in one of the main east-side blocks of the college building, with her model walking in a flower on a branch in a gown, a jumpsuit, a suit and a skirt,Inspired asymmetric folds."For this series, we want this woman to be more of a warrior," she explained in a post.show interview.I said someone got married but wanted to "find their place" and be honest with herself, the customer she was after.Weddings don't always have to be white, she says."Red is one of the most popular bride colors in Asia," Phuong My said ."."A little color does no harm to anyone."Vera Wanghe doesn't often show up in person for a private presentation at her bridal design studio, but this time she does.Her fashion looks soft in color, the obvious boning and the covered silk tulle, lit up with the oversized floral decorations she magically uses.Her statement blooms on the collar, on the sleeves, on the petticoat, and on the chest.Her collection has a deliberate randomness designed to surprise from all 360 degrees.There were long trains and delicate pieces that dragged down from their arms.Blueberries, pistachios and lavender are mixed with blush and white.To get ready to wear, the King walked heavily on black and gray men, which annoyed fashion giant Anna Wintour a long time ago."But then I came to the bride, where everything was supposed to be white."I can't stand it," said Wang ."."All I need to do is mess it up.This is the rebellion in my heart."It's her 59 bridal series, and she says it's important for her to reinvent.She has been trying colors for the bride for some time.The late Karl Lagerfeld once told her, Wang said: "You know, Vera, I did all these outrageous things because they came and they still bought Chanel bags.But he said I was shocked.If I don't do this, what's the interest in this brand?"This hand-By anyone's standards, the bridal collection for up to $30,000 is a custom costume."It's really a collection based on some kind of freedom, but it takes incredible technology to get that freedom," Wang said .".A year after AMSALEA went to the world in Amsale Aberra, her brand of the same name continued to develop under the design guidance of Margo LaFontaine.This season, the company announced the launch of Amsale x You, a service that allows brides to "make" their own dresses online using custom patterns from custom patternsyear-Archives of old brandsStarting at $5,000, you can choose between a corset, a skirt and an optional belt.Seven Brides designed dresses for them at the fashion show.See Amsale.How it works.This is the third season for lafendan at the company, her second performance without guidance from Agra."I left her by my side and in everything I thought and designed, I hope to continue to pay tribute to her legacy," LaFontaine said .".As for the main collection, she focuses on hand-madePleats and play on the texture.She made the texture with embroidery and artificial lace.There's a striking Cape T-The shirt and illusion touched Aberra at a glance.All the collections are white."A lot of people like to stick to this tradition," says LaFontaine."Neil Brown, the widow of Amsale and Aberra, said she would love the idea of Amsale x You."She is a revolutionary in many ways," he said .""She had the vision to introduce CAD design technology early in her career.Thanks to this vision, we now have 32 years of perfect custom wedding dress designs that we can use to create a whole new and different experience and to expand and develop her legacy.The fairy tale of yness Di Santo, the dream, the cloud, the ofiya.These are just a few things that inspired Di Santo's collection.She attached a flowing flower.Travel to the print cathedral train in Pado and miniSkirt with feather trim with bell-shaped long sleeves.A small dress is dotted with silver stars and a pleated circle at the bottom.A lace-up satin gown with a romantic little tulle floating behind it is all white."This dress is not just a piece of clothing.It's a personality, "she said.Although she includes traditional white, Di Santo is not afraid of wedding dresses with patterns and colors."Color is very important to me."Different patterns, different outlines, describe who we are," she said ."."I love color.We like color as Italians."One of her designs isA short waist suit decorated with pink flowers, with pure leggings dotted with stars on the thighs.The jacket is open and there is nothing under it.Di Santo hosts her guests for tea at the luxury Baccarat Hotel in Midtown, and as the crowd sips and chews finger food, her model walks past the intimate table.
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