light pink hoodie mens Justin Bieber's apparent burrito-eating technique traumatizes the internet

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-20
light pink hoodie mens Justin Bieber\'s apparent burrito-eating technique traumatizes the internet
Justin Bieber.Click on the gallery to see the reaction to his unorthodox burritoEat technology.Justin Bieber.Click on the gallery to see the reaction to his unorthodox burritoEat technology.Editor's note: Since the story was published, a group of YouTubers have come forward to announce that the photo was forged with Bieber's expression --I flew here from Canada for this prank.On Thursday, the Internet was drawn to a strong blend of charm, disgust and compassion, when an imaginary newly married pop singer and Canadian national treasure Justin Bieber dropped the burrito on a park benchIn the picture released by Noisey's editor Ryan Bassil, Bieber apparently leaned forward on the park bench, wearing jeans with tears on his knees, a pink hoodie, a leather bracelet and a mustardColorful peas, with a fullOpen the roll side and sink his whole face into it as if the tortillas were a slot to feed the filling.Since then, it has created conspiracy theories and declared it false.As if he thought he could pierce the contents of the burrito meat and shotgun like a piece of natural ice.Behind his pilot, his eyes could be seen staring blankly at the middle distance.I was worried about him."Does...Justin Bieber doesn't know what to do...burritos work?Bassil said on Twitter.No one on Twitter.Related: Chronicle pop critic Aidin Vaziri wrote: "The man who ate the burrito on the train called the BART police," Justin Bieber felt right to eat the burrito on his sideLike Ben Affleck trying to pick up a picture of the dog, or Michael Buble eating corn from the end like a strange huge popsicle, this photo inspired the base to watch hundreds of millions of dollars worth of celebrities unable to perform basic motor functions, a undeniable joy that was quickly forwarded hundreds of timesSome are apologists for Bieber's unorthodox approach to burritos.Others blame Canada naturally.Also bad: Pizza burrito is an offense to pizza and burrito. "Canadian culture is rich and colorful.Why do we judge their strange burrito?Eating technology?Kyle, a Twitter user, wrote.Even brand accounts were involved in the operation."This is a way," Moe's Southwest Grill wrote .".The reporter Lindsay Bayerstein replied."No, it isn't."Filipa Ioannou is a special contributor to SFGATE.Email, she's at fioannou @ sfchronicle.
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