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light blue sweatshirt mens your guide to denim by sarah lomas -

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-10
It's hard to imagine that you don't have the life of a cowboy, from a denim jacket and skirt to your old faithful jeans, which we didn't even realize.Jeans have been worn for over 100 years and we can't see a day when they are out of date.
Although blue jeans are already and will always be classic, today we have many blue jeans of different colors, as well as other colors of the rainbow.Here is our guide for the denim of different colors we like.

We all know and like the classic light blue, which is perfect for casual looks, from jeans to denim jackets and so on.

A very light shade of blue, with a bleached effect look, is a recent fashion trend, and there is often a slight shade in the center of the jeans.

From the return after 80 s, the appearance of the pickling cowboy is very bleached and almost looks white.

Cowboys get better and better as they get older, which is why distressed jeans become so popular, this strange tear and wear adds a lot of personality, especially in the fashion of today.

A faded blue denim fabric, soft, gives a hint of aging and distress that has recently become popular with the rise of vintage and boho trends.

The dark blue heavily dyed denim fabric is smarter than the look of other styles, making them ideal for smarter, more formal occasions.

Colored jeans have been re-popular in their 80 s and you will find many brightly colored jeans, such as red and blue.

Recently, in the summer, White Denim is the first choice for women and looks as cute as skinny jeans or a white denim jacket with floral patterns.

Used to be considered the cowboy color of a rock girl or baby riding a bike, the black cowboy has recently become mainstream and is now favored by people who go out for the night in high heels.

From learning and jewelry to glitter and sequins, denim clothing has recently seen a decorative craze to turn casual clothing into glamorous clothing.
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