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leopard print gym tights i dare you to do this impossible tip...

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-20
Something as important to me as oxygen....is creativity.Now you might think.What does sales have to do with creativity?Let me summarize it in three words: Creative creation of customers.My office is very beautiful. it's not an accident.(Renault had a lot of work to do last summer!).I have a leopard print carpet from wall to wall, a chandelier, fireplace, bookcase full of my favorite book, mirror, amazing life --My grandmother's size painting in a swimsuit, vintage black and white cocktail dress on a tailor's mannequin, photos of the people I love, notes of encouragement from my clients, I sit in a large recliner every week and write emails.
The sun came in from the window.
Absolutely everywhereYou will see the words of inspiration on my wall.Why?More creative for my clients and my business.My favorite sentence on the wall came from Alice in Wonderland: "It's no use trying," Alice said.
"One can't believe in impossible things.
"I dare say you don't have much practice," said the Queen .".\ "When I am as big as you, I always do it for half an hour every day.Why, sometimes I believe up to six impossible things before breakfast.
Why am I doing this, dear Alice?2 reasons: It keeps me focused on my business and It.This helps me to think about "impossible things", what's the difference between On and In?Perspective.When you're somewhereYou are working hard to complete orders, invoicing, a lot of meetings, networking, etc.
But you don't pay attention to where you need to bring your business or sales.Working too much in a business almost guarantees that your business will remain small and shrink in time (like Alice in Wonderland ).You need to be like "Big Alice": when Alice drinks magic potion --That changed her opinion.
She was big and clumsy at first, but it also gave her a completely different view of her world.She is looking down at it.You need: imagine where you want your business and sales in 2, 5, 10 years.Check where you are wasting your talents and time by doing every damn thing yourself.
Evaluate your most profitable customers and decide where you want to attract more customers.What does it feel impossible today?Why are you keeping yourself stuck in that nasty place?I'm challenging you to cheer you up!As the sales manager after your overbearing sales day, I hope you start to get even more outrageous about what you think.Do an hour per week before each action (also not in your office or house)Someone must think about it first.
Whether it's flying to the moon or the creative woman who invented the Spanx because she saw even Oprah cut off her support nylons so she could wear capris pantsYou can, too.Hop to it lady!
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