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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-09
There are all kinds of girls fancy long tops on the market, not only are there many kinds, but the utility of girls fancy long tops is endless.Compared to t-tunic, the long top ad tunic has a big advantage, that is, a little looserShirts because they don't stick to your body, so if your body is apple-shaped and your belly is heavy, they will help you cover fat to define your waist and abdomen, so cover up your bumps.However, if you have a pear-shaped body and your hips are heavy, then the long tops that girls love will cover your hips.The dress and shorts may look bad, and matching it together is the key to putting it on.Because tunics can have foldsY effect, in tight pants or leggings, with stretch fabric, you can dress up for your clothes.For example, match a matte sweatshirt with a jersey or velvet trousers.Finish the look with a pair-die-For high heels, maybe the same color pump as your pants makes you look slender and it will be hard to know when and how to layering.You don't want to look too bulky and you want to stay stylish.To dress up your coat, try wrapping a large silk scarf around your neck several times.Then add a larger belt to your waist and scarf to finish the look.To add vitality, dress up your look with a metal strap.Place your belt at your natural waist right above your navel.Sometimes we can't find clothes in long tops, and during this time, coats can save you, you can use a wide belt to match your coat or fancy long tops for girls or just under your chest this will bring Imperial waist lines to your outfit, just like your outfit and accessories, this will bring miracles to it. You can wear a bold neckline, or wear sexy high heels or even a wedge that will make you look gorgeous.Is the most versatile thing you will find in your wardrobe, you can wear them as short tops, put them into your pants, you can also wear leggings as a short dress by adding a belt, change into Indian clothes.The Indian suit is very expensive and heavy, and after the occasion when you buy fancy tops for girls, you may not even wear it more than once or twice.
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