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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-21
WWD confirmed the comeback of Stephen Sprouse's graffiti series as well as the creation of other Sprouse, the last 2004 left after the death of Rose's Marc Jacobs Louis Vuitton Sprouse tribute.The graffiti series was originally launched in 2001 and sold like a hot cake and many people missed it and now they are back and worth the pleasure.In this new series, Marc "Jacobs has adopted two iconic Sprouse themes --Graffiti and roses-And explain them during the dayThere are pink, green and orange Glo tones on the Monogram print.
Vuitton's souvenirs, fast and always disgruntled bag styles and small leather goods such as basketball shoes, high heels, sunglasses, headscarves and wristbands, as well as wallets and coin wallets all have these patterns.Rtw includes a Mackintosh raincoat with graffiti and letter pattern lining, graffiti leggings and a long coatSleeve neon mini skirt featuring rose design.Marc Jacobs says the series will not be called reissues because he has done something similar or new since 2001, unlike Stephen's graffiti.
"I tried to accept what Stephen did in Vuitton and then flip it in my head to make it Vuitton to work for Stephen instead of Stephen working for Vuitton, Jacobs said."I just thought it was an interesting way to play with it, pretend to be a little excited and use the work he did and then bring it back to the work he did before I worked with him.” -The new graffiti and Rose collection coincides with Stephen Sprouse spectrum, entitled "rocks on Mars", held at Deitch Project' 18 Wooster Street gallery on January.
8 to Feb.
28, the book of Stephen Strauss by Roger padierha and Mauricio padierha, will be published from Rizzoli, New York, in February 1."For me, this graffiti is the first milestone in our permanent history.What excites us most is that the people who went missing a few years ago will be the center of world life, thanks to the fact that over the next few months we really want to celebrate a friend.
” -Louis Vuitton CEO Yves CassellVisithandbags800 learn more about previews of LV, Hermes, Gucci, Chanel and other designer handbags;VisitGucci reviews the latest Gucci handbags, handbags and handbags reviews;
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