lavender hoodie sweatshirt A star climbs the walls in Berkeley

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lavender hoodie sweatshirt A star climbs the walls in Berkeley
On Friday afternoon, a pair of roommates walked into the Berkeley iron factory climbing gym and ended the week's class.They go to the end where people don't look, seat belts up, ropes up, chalk up and look at each other to see who will lead the first course.The one with a smaller voice decided to take it away and peel off her lavender hoodie.She reached out and held her hand, with ripples in her muscles from the bicep to her shoulders and back.Anyone who wants to see this compact 5-The footer is not for a birthday party or company party.If you look at big-Or having read the book "Girl On The Rock", you will recognize that the book is Katie Brown, according to the back cover of the book, who Rock & Ice Magazine calls it "the best female climber of the millennium ".Brown, 28, spent her adult life in moabai, Utah, so it was a surprise to see her enter the ironworks in her apartment near Ashby Avenue, and brought instant climbing cred to her roommate, 29-year-old Kathy mctagt, who is a master's degree in civil engineering at the University of California, Berkeley.It's like going into the Berkeley tennis club with Federer."She's one of the best climbers ever," McTaggart said ." She watched her roommate bounce around in the warm weatherRose 45 feet in a minute.Brown may go faster, but she is cutting the rope when she goes.She lowered her head and immediately put on a hoodie and felt shy about her torn upper body."My arm is the bane of my existence."I always wanted to have a girly arm," she was embarrassed by the attention.She did not climb in the Bay Area.She is here to learn how to design something to climb at the Fashion Design and Marketing Institute (FIDM) in San Francisco.She said it was a fierce two-game.Annual plan for obtaining the certificate.In fact, it is an assistant to an art degree.Anyway, it's not a piece of paper that attracts her for years.She can't see it for four years. she hasn't been in the classroom for the past eight years.She has been outside to conquer big walls with ominous names, such as dead people walking in Mexico and tombstone cracks in Smith Rock, Oregon.Rock climbers Katie Brown climbs north of the Indian rock in Berkeley, California.Tuesday, February.24, 2009.Rock climbers Katie Brown climbs north of the Indian rock in Berkeley, California.Tuesday, February.24, 2009.Professional climber Alex honord wrote in an email: "She moved effortlessly, which left a deep impressionMail from MexicoHonnold and Brown, working together in September to expand the size of the semi-dome, wrote: "She led most of the route and carried out the last hard pitch in a completely bad style."She's bold in a way that's rarely female (she's probably the best ever, except Lynn Hill ).Before the start of school, Brown wrote on www.Catty Brown latch.She needs a roommate.On Friday afternoon, this was how she and matagart had built an apartment and a rope on the rocks.Brown knows all about climbing near Berkeley.When asked about some of the local rocks, she pushed the problem to the wall."Kathy, what's the Berkeley climb like?The answer is back to the Indian rock of North Berkeley "."Without using ropes, it's not too high off the ground, it's a stone," Brown said ."."We use the rope so you can climb high from the ground", meaning that if you don't do this, it will ruin your day every time you fall.If you want to see high, go to the front desk of the iron mill and ask to see the girl on the rock: a guide to women climbing with strength, grace and courage."If you ask over the weekend, the counter clerk may be author Brown.She works there, supports her studies and learns private lessons from walkingins.This is how Brown learned to climb at the age of 13.Her father is an accountant and her family moved from Colorado to Kentucky."Everyone is very upset," she said .".Her mother made Triathlon and dragged her son to the climbing gym when she was tired of all the Blues."I didn't go, but they came back and started talking about how interesting it was," Brown recalls ."."We call it fomo-Afraid to miss.So I decided to go."She is the only girl on the wall of the gym and she always has to add a few more steps to explain the difference in height and strength (she has no FarahTwo years ago ).Then, when she was on a family holiday, she wrote in the introduction to her book: "She was tricked into trying regional competition in Colorado Springs .".We know what will happen in the end.the ESPN X-The game and endorsement deals interest her in her fashion collection."I have done a lot of work with my clothing sponsor and have attended a lot of design meetings," said Brown, who is sitting at 6-hour classes."I want to make clothes for climbing mountains, yoga, and general fitness."No one in FIDM knows she's got a major and she doesn't want them to know."My school is a different world," she said ."When asked about its location, she said "you get off at Bart Powell Street.That's all I know."It's also what she knows for a while, because after finishing two quarters, she plans to take off the spring and climb up.She didn't know where she was or who she was.Climbers always need a partner, so if you're in a race, go to the iron mill in Berkeley and look for girls on the rocks.
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