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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-11
The selection, pot culture medium, watering, fertilization and location of the orchid pot you use will all affect the success of your orchid.Let's take a look at the different containers you can choose from.This option can be confusing if you are a beginner in orchid cultivation.The most common is made of plastic or clay.

A light-weight plastic pan that may have several drain holes that are more suitable for the interior, where it is unlikely to be blown down.
The growing medium is slower than the drying rate in the pottery jar.
The best plastic Pan has a thick wall that is not easy to break and is light in color and won't heat too much in the strong sun.Clear polyethylene pots are becoming more and more popular as they allow more light to reach the roots.

It is heavier and therefore more stable.
It has a drain hole at the bottom, although some professional orchid pots also have a drain hole on the side.
Juicy droughtTolerant attached orchid flowers grow better in pottery jars because the growing medium is less likely to be flooded.
Pots or large pots made of clay, wood, ceramic or plastic are ideal containers for large spread orchids such as "Cymbidia ".
Land like "China Orchid" needs a tall orchid pot that can hold a long root (up to 1 m!) It can be produced.Unrestricted root growth allows orchids to store nutrients and water, which can then maintain the growth of advanced flowers.
"Gems" orchids, such as "Ludisia" and "Golden Lotus", should ideally grow in a shallow and wide pot when they are laid on the surface.Glass geranium is an ideal plant where orchids can stroll in any way they like.
There are also orchid varieties, which are best planted and displayed in baskets at the level of the eye.

A basket is perfect for orchids with hanging flowers, or heavy-Orchid rooted.
The basket container is made of wire, plastic, mesh, wood or pottery.
It allows air to circulate in compost and roots.
Mesh orchid pots are essential for smooth flowering, as Flower discovery is easy to grow through the lower side of the container.
Orchids like "Stanhopea", "Gongora" and "Acineta" should grow in open baskets so their pendant flowers can be enjoyed to the fullest.
You need to be careful that orchids don't dry in the basket.
As an orchid can, the basket needs a support block for your orchid.The most suitable material is the bark of cork, or pine or oak trees.To do this, put the plant compost in front and behind the roots.Tie the plant to the bark so that there is no water into the center of the plant.You can tie it up with Lady tights!
One trick is to know that the fine roots of some orchids may penetrate the support body, and it is difficultYour orchid.
When a plant grows excessively or begins to rot, simply tie a new piece of bark to the old one so that the orchid grows on it.Some orchids, such as onions, have slender roots and move rapidly on the surface of the bark.
\"Lady-of-the-"Night" is the popular name of "Brassavola nodosa", one night-The fragrant white flowering orchid growing well in the hanging basket.Place it where you can enjoy the scent of the night.It is drought-Tolerant, but prefer extra water during the drought.
"The Orchid," Catalina Skinner.Hettie Jacobs \ "can grow to a huge size in the basket and requires strong support.But between March and May, it does produce a cluster of lovely purple flowers.
The popular "bee" orchid has rich golden flowers even from ordinary plants.A 20 inch (50 cm) line basket with lots of bark will support this large plant.
You may want to plant some moth orchids in a large basket to show a wonderful performance for a long timeBut they don't like the strong sun.Or maybe Wanda orchid, which provides huge flowers for all the colors of the rainbow, some of which can be the size of a tea tray.Vanda will produce a large number of long roots under the orchid flowerpot, you need to spray with water every day.Don't want to cut these roots.
It is also important to know that many orchids thrive by potted plants.bound.It looks like the roots are choking the flowerpots, but what nourishes the spectacular flowers is their thick roots.So don't rush to start overpot too soon!
No matter what type of orchid pot you want, there are a variety of options.If you like to plant orchids, it is a pleasure to match the orchid with the right orchid pot and choose the right compost, light and temperature, water and fertilizer.A careful balance in these areas will lead to your ultimate success.

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