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ladies push up bra What cause gaps when you wear a shirt or blouse with buttons, and the solutions to prevent gap!

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-14
ladies push up bra What cause gaps when you wear a shirt or  blouse with buttons, and the solutions to prevent gap!
For about a few years, I have been observing and thinking about this phenomenon, which almost always happens when women wear shirts or shirts with buttons. Bust has a gap like height!My question is: why is this the case?
Now you're thinking.If you buy a larger size, you can solve the problem!Yes, this is an opportunity to eliminate this gap if the shirt is too tight, but there are other types of gaps, not because of a small shirt, on the contrary, the shirt can also be big!
So now I want to try my assumptions on you!
When you wear a shirt with buttons in front, what kind of gap will appear?
This shirt is too small!This type of gap is very common because the shirt is too small or the joy is too big!Anyway, when you're wearing something like this, you give the impression that you're untidy, or that you're sloppy.In some cases, it can also be seen as an unpleasant attempt to highlight large breasts.The solution to this problem is: buy a bigger shirt!This may work in some cases, but not all!There is a gap because the shirt is too big!It seems like a small problem, but it's not!For example, if the shirt is too large, a lot of creases will form when you sit down.Every time you sit down, you are forced to grind the shirt so that the creases don't stand out.This type of gap is also very large because the buttons are too far for you.Wearing a shirt that is too big is not attractive to anyone.It looks like you're wearing sacks and you look fat even if you don't!
The solution to this type of gap is: Goodbye to a smaller shirt!But we have already tried it and it is not a good solution!
The gap is due to the wrong type of bra you are wearing!
This is typical advice for women complaining about the gap between shirts.It is said that it is because the woman is wearing a bra that pushes the breast too high, thus providing a prominent outline.The solution is to buy a bra to make the breast minimum;a minimizer!This minimize is achieved by moving too large breasts under the arm rather than forward!I have had this bra, which I recommend.It is impossible to get a smooth outline in such a bra, and the result is that your chest looks like a loaf of bread without shape, and the feeling of having a breast under the arm is not particularly pleasant.
Other types of shirts gap!
But because I don't wear shirts a lot, it doesn't prevent me from observing other women.What do you think I observed?Most women wear shirts with gap!Thin, thick, long or short woman, small or large shirt, push-It does not matter whether it is raised or lowered.Most shirt gaps!If there is no gap in the shirt when you stand up, then it is the gap when you sit down or bend over!This is another problem.You can have a perfect shirt when you walk, stand still, sit, but when you bend over or lean forward, there may be no gaps, but you give free access to cleavage to people sitting next to you.I am not a person who is used to looking at a woman's breasts, but sometimes it is hard not to pay attention.Especially when the opening between the buttons makes it possible for the surrounding environment to see it all!
Other possible reasons for the shirt gap!

Of course, this may be due to the fact that the chest has dropped a bit over the years due to the gravity effect, in which case your chest is located below most of the shirt.However, this problem can be easily solved with a strong bra!If this is the reason for the shirt gap, the gap will only appear on older women, this is not the case!So that's not the reason.But I thought for years.I tried pushing them up, which was not comfortable at all.The only result is that the bra straps rub onto the shoulders, and the bra is squeezed on the back, and of course the same;The gap in the shirt is still there.
Not enough fabric in the shirt!
But it doesn't seem to have enough fabric in some models.For women with normal to large breasts, sewing shirts is not that difficult!
The button is misplaced!
On some models, a button is placed above the bust image, a button is placed below, and the button is misplaced: how could this not be a gap?

fashion tape!
This is a transparent double.Side tape that can be used in many ways is common among many Hollywood stars.To prevent the gap, you can put a strap between the skin and the clothes, and find clues between the shirt and the skin, providing a stable front of the shirt without a gap!I can imagine it's a really good idea for a special occasion or if you have time to turn it on and off!
The ultimate solution!Don't wear shirts with buttons!
After trying all the other methods, this is my latest solution.But I was full of longing for all the trendy shirts in the store.I think a nice shirt with buttons gives a subtle, elegant, beautiful and clean impression (no gapes )!
A button-down shirt can be used effectively with a pair of pants, and you wear better than a shirt.
Or, some gaps may be due to design errors!
This is what bothers me!I think there must have been a problem when the shirt was designed from the beginning!My conclusion is thatNo one really thinks of the fact that women have breasts!!I mean, really thought of the problem and came up with a solution!
As usual, the original model is a man with flat chest!On men's shirts, buttons can be placed anywhere and there is any distance between the two.If the man finds the right size, his shirt fits and there is no gap.If the shirt can pull apart a little, it's not a big deal either, because there's nothing more prominent than that.
So, my theory is that when designing and making shirts for women, they design a shirt for men and tighten a little shirt at the waist, more fabric is added at the height of the breast and the chest seam is stitched under the breast.
Summary: We need electrical appliances!
I usually add a pushWhere possible, there are no obvious buttons on those shirts.But this is not to work on a shirt with thin fabric.In this case, I will use the fashion tape!But there will never be a gap when I add buttons or fashion tapes!So, this brings me back to what I thought before;There was a problem with the design!This is a problem that women have to solve with different electrical appliances!

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