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ladies in bra The ABC's (and D's) of bras / Experts say most women wear the wrong size

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-25
ladies in bra The ABC\'s (and D\'s) of bras / Experts say most women wear the wrong size
Did your strap slip?Is your bra moving?Ride up behind?The tug is not helpful.But join the club anyway.When it comes to bras, the vast majority of women are caught in a time warp.Ask any fitter."I have done thousands of fitting activities," said Liz Smith, national spokeswoman for huagel. "I can assure you that 8 of the 10 women are wearing the wrong size."Katie Fleming, a long-term bra fitter at Neiman Marcus in San Francisco, doesn't buy it.I would say 95%."So, the fitter will ask, how long has it been since you were measured?"They told us," Smith said. "We always had a good laugh at it."It's usually been decades."Women tell us stories," Smith said ." "About how their grandmother took them to her favorite store, where they met a little old lady with a tape measure around her neck, who was 300 years old." A well-The fitted bra complements the look of the current fit: a stretchy shirt, a tight T-shirt, and a tight evening dress.(Department stores regularly hold promotional fitness activities, but usually experienced fitness personnel are on the floor every day.The latest trend in bras is seamless-Women are buying them under T-shirts and sweaters.In some brands, the seamless look has expanded from the cup to the band and back.Wonderbra, which was launched with great fanfare five years ago, is still there.Ultimo, gel-Cleavage fillingStrengthen the bra and launch a lot of hoo-It's in Saks Fifth Avenue store this spring.But before the style is rightThe right bra should feel comfortable.The strap should not slide and the back should not slide up.(I bet you don't know, the black bra may feel tighter at first than the white one."This is the dye and its effect on the fiber," Smith said .".) Bust should be like 45-Angle with the chest to allow proper circulation.A well-The fitted bra can also relieve the pressure of the diaphragm.When buying a bra, it is not the price that matters."Be comfortable first," Fleming said .""I have worked with all brands;I pursue the best and most comfortable things for my body.She doesn't believe it when you put the right size on the client.They always say that I have been uncomfortable wearing a bra for the rest of my life, but I think that's how it should feel."It takes at least an hour for a good fitter to be with a customer.Then there is homework.Fleming, a 40-year bra fitter, assigned her customers the task: "I want you to go home and put the bra back on.Wear around the house for hours.I want you to wear it, wash it, and then wear it all day, "she said."If it still doesn't work, bring it back anyway.Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom allow returns.Neither Macy's nor Saks.Then start looking for a seamless bra for T-Shirts and sweaters, lace numbers for the evening, stitching bras for more lifts, T-Back (sleeveless dress), no back, no shoulder straps and movement.(Because the sports bra squeezes the breast, wearing it all day is not considered healthy.It takes work to find the right bra;Most women avoid buying bras before they stop buying them.Women hate buying bras;We 've been listening all the time, "said Mary Joe Price, who has been trying on bras in Nordstrom for more than two years."They put it off until the bra was worn.Smith said: "I see women in the most gorgeous designer costumes whose bras are pieces." A well-The fitted bra should have the following five features :--The center panel should lie as flat as possible on the chest.--The wires should be placed on the rib cage, not on the breast tissue.--All breast tissue should be included in the bra.--There should be no puc for both cups.--The back should be low under the shoulder blades.--Place the tape measure right above the back and chest to get the size of the band.For the size of the cup, measure directly in the most complete part of the breast.Subtract the size of the strap from the size of the Cup, the difference determines the size of your cup.If the number is the same, the size of the cup is AA;1 inch difference is equal to one cup;2 inch is Cup B;3 inch, the size of the cup is D, and so on.--Wash the bra before and after each bra wear for the first time to remove the body oil that will break down the fabric.--Wash your hands and dry with a mild detergent (or shampoo.--To machine wash, fold the bra in half with the straps in the Cup.Fasten the hook and place it in a mesh inner pocket.Use mild detergent.Do not use bleach or fabric softener.Line dry...
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