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Jacket (with pictures) |

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-03
Jacket with light sweater or T-Shirt under but goodModern jackets that fit from the shelves can be found.Instead of leaving that.Big jacket and beautiful fabric in the locker room, take it home.With some simple changes, you can make it perfect.
Try on the too-Big jacket and decide how you want to modernize the silhouette.For example, maybe you want to make it into a cropped jacket.
First remove the shoulder pads, lining and sleeves with the Ripper.
Wear the jacket inside or on the skirt.
Use a tape measure (or let a friend do it if you wear a jacket ).Mark this new line on the jacket with a washable marker pen.Cut along this thread with a sharp sewing scissors.

To install, and pin.

In, and the pin fits the waist.A pin with a little wiggle room so that the waist of the jacket is not too tight.
Stitch along the shoulder and side with 90/14 universal needle and medium pressure.Take the pin off when sewing

Leave a 1/2-Seam allowance in inches.
Press the seam open with a hot iron.

Coordinate through sewing 1/2inch double-Fold the bias tape to the unfinished edge.

Roll out a sleeve from inside and slide onto your arm.A friend marked the new seam line with a pin.A pin with a little wiggle room so you can take off your sleeves.Remove the sleeve, sew along the needle line, and remove the pin when sewing.Repeat the process on another sleeve.
Cut with a sharp needle and leave a 1/2-Seam allowance in inches.
Press the new sleeve seam with an iron.Complete the bottom edge of the sleeve by attaching the bias tape in the same way as connecting the bias tape to the jacket hem.
Turn a sleeve right-Slide it back on your arm.Mark with a pin where the new shoulder seam will be.

Cut a curved piece from the top of the sleeve with a needle cut.Use the pin as a guide to show you how much to cut.This reduces the length of the sleeve.Use the cut sleeve as a pattern to Mark and cut the top of another sleeve.
Put the top of one sleeve in the sleeve hole of the jacket and the right side together.Match the side and shoulder seams.Fixed and stitched with a 1/2 needleSeam allowance in inches.Repeat the process with another sleeve.
Make your customFitted jacketWear jeans and a light sweater.Or, wear it on the skirt for a more professional look.
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