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Jacket the process of making a leather jacket - manufacturing

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-30
Leather jackets are popular but expensive.A quality leather jacket costs hundreds of dollars, customizedManufacturing one can reach more than $1000.However, with a little patience and knowledge, it is possible to design and make a leather jacket at less than half the cost of buying one or customizing one.The price of a high quality leather jacket is high.Learn how to use your creative imagination and sewing skills.
Design the jacket you want to make.You can draw the pattern yourself or buy the pattern and make changes as you need it.You may even find a pattern that you like and doesn't need to change.Measure the size of your jacket.If you are made specifically for someone, measure arm length, chest and overall length.If you don't make a jacket with someone, you make the jacket based on the size marked on the storeThe pattern you purchased or the size you determined.
Cut off your pattern.The arm, front and back of the jacket will be cut as a separate pattern and assembled later.Pin your pattern to your leather material and cut around the pattern to produce the material you will use for the leather jacket.Cut the leather pattern with a razor.Sew the front and back of the jacket together with a special leather needle with teeth to help get through the leather.You can purchase these needles at the leather sewing supplies store or at most hobby and crafts stores (see references ).Using heavy wax lines, available where leather needles are found.
Sew the arms together and then sew them on the jacket.Try your own or other models of jacket before connecting your arm.This will make it easier to adjust the body of the jacket if necessary.Try putting on your jacket after you put on your arm.Make any further changes, then sew on any button or collar to finish your jacket.Sewing jackets and jackets are both fun and practical.In the cool months everyone needs a jacket to keep warm.Sewing coats can be challenging.For a brand new seamstress, I don't even recommend the simplest coat.
After you sew a few pieces of clothing, try to make a coat with a simple pattern.It could be someone who doesn't have a zipper, collar or button.After you have mastered this, you can do it and challenge yourself.I made my first coat in grade 11.It took me 1/2 years to succeed at school.I wore one and kept it for a year.It is long, made of soft thin stripped blue fabric of light-heart velvet, lined with dark blue and inside with a thin layer of batting to keep warm.It has a hood decorated with fancy binding in dark blue.I sold my coat for $75.00.This is not much today, but at the end of 1970, I was a young boy and I felt very rich.
It has to be said that coats and clothing are the most expensive type of clothing because they need more fabric and sometimes multi-layer fabric.Most coats require thicker fabrics to keep warm, usually at a higher price.The cloak was great and interesting to make, maybe not as expensive.They are also easier to make.
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