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Jacket islam articles - fashion tips for islamic women to stay ...

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-23
In the summer, it is important to keep the body as cool as possible, which is sometimes a "daunting task" for Muslim women wearing hijabs ".The most obvious suggestion is to recommend thinner and colder fabrics in hot weatherBut it is also important to insist on absorbing materials.Therefore, fabrics such as Qiaoqi yarn, chiffon and lace are clearly the best choice for summer.
Clothing with "air hole-In the summer, both the lace bottom cap and the loose hook cap are very effective, allowing more air to flow.Scarf headscarves have become a useful option for modern young Muslims as they provide almost the same coverage, but the material is much less --Because they just covered their forehead.* With wool bone * crochet caps reducing the amount of material wrapped around the neck and overhead is a wonderful relief on hot days --Because this is where a lot of body heat leaves the body.
Try the style and how you lock your khimars.In the cool summer months, a hat (which should never replace khimar) can be a fashion addition to your wardrobe, and in the summer they can be a big highlight of fashion.Al-Amira hijabs is always worth recommending.
The translation of this name means "Princess scarf", which is a mistake of the head type and is divided into two parts;One piece is used as a hair cover and the other as a slip through of the same or near matching color.Al-Amira hijabs is perfect for hot climates as most are made of lightweight and absorbent materials.• Al-The Amira plain weave Hijabs No LaceSarongs is a very versatile fabric of huge length and nothing prevents you from using it as a summary of khimar.
Traditionally, women wrap them around the waist as skirts, usually made of very absorbent material.They also have a variety of stylish colors, patterns and sizes that will add some color to anyone's summer wardrobe.Although not specifically designed for Muslim women-after a little moderation, maxi dresses are actually perfect for Islamic women --Just add a long-sleeved shirt or jacket to make them more friendly to Muslims.
These lightweight, gentle and informal outfits usually reach the floor and offer excellent light and cool coverage.Wearing such clothes should make 2010 summer cooler for Muslim women around the world!
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