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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-03
The yellow coat is a wasp with black advertising yellow stripes, often causing people to confuse them with bees such as wasps.Their diet includes meat, grugru, insects, sweets and other human foods.If yellow jackets are nested near residential or other inhabited spaces, they may become pests as they mate quickly and form a large hive.The life of the Yellow Jacket is interesting and is designed to reproduce quickly and effectively.
In winter, the yellow jacket is dormant after fertilization.The Queen will sleep until spring and choose a place to stay dormant before spring.Usually she will choose a place in natural materials such as old logs, trees or humansBuildings like barns and lofts.Although the Queen can only live for up to 12 months, the workers can only live for 10 to 22 days.
As soon as spring arrives, the Queen will start nesting.She will collect plant fibers and build a nest by chewing the fibers into paper --like material.Once the nest is ready for the larvae, she will spawn and take care of them by feeding them regularly.Yellow Jacket larvae eat insects and meat.Over time, the Queen will continue to spawn and the early larvae will come into adulthood and help her take care of other larvae.
The fertile yellow jacket larvae spawn around August and September.These larvae, once adult, leave the nest to start the breeding cycle.Females will survive after fertilization in order to nest and spawn in the spring of next year.The male will die after the female is fertilized.
The yellow top is a bee-like bee.They are small in size, about 3/4 and 0.8 grams.They're colony bees.Some colonies can reach 5,000 bees at a time.Although it is usually yellow and black, it can also be black and white.They have clear wings and poisonous thorns on the bottom of their abdomen.The yellow jacket can be attacked and stung more than once.
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