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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-03
Carhartt jacket is by far one of the most popular working jackets for sports enthusiasts.The Carhartt jacket is heavy, durable, warm and offers adequate comfort and protection in any weather.Carhartts are made of heavy cotton canvas material that usually makes them stiff until they are broken well.Before use, you can make your new Carhartt jacket more comfortable by softening it.It may take a bit of time for your jacket to soften, but it's worth the effort.

Put the Carhartt jacket into the washing machine on your own and set the washing machine to a minimum capacity setting.The material in your jacket will shrink, so turn your water setting into a cold wash and a cold wash to fill your washing machine.

Pour a glass of white vinegar into the water and let the machine run until the stirring cycle is reached.Let the mixer run, then stop the machine and let the jacket soak for a few hours.Vinegar will help soften the fiber in the jacket without damaging the firePatience of materials.

Restart the washing machine and let it finish the cycle.If you can smell the residual vinegar in the fabric, run an additional rinse cycle.Do not add any detergent or fabric softener as this may change the performance of the canvas in the jacket.

Move your jacket to the dryer and open it under a low heat fluff loop.If you're worried that your jacket will shrink even more, hang it in the well.Dry ventilation area.Before putting it on, let it dry completely to prevent it from drying in an unusual shape.

Put on your jacket to assess its softness.If it's still too stiff, put the jacket in the dryer with clean tennis shoes and run through the cycle.The jacket does not shrink because it is completely dry and the tennis shoes bounce back during the cycle, pressing the hard lines of the canvas to make them soft and soft.
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