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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-03
Whether your favorite winter jacket has faded or you just want to change the color, hand-dyed gives you a lot of extra options for your outfit.In addition to extending the life of the winter jacket, you can also create a brand new look by changing the color of the garment.Once you know how to choose between the dye and the process, the dyeing will be relatively simple and interesting.
Learn what kind of fabric your winter jacket is made of to assess if it can be dyed.Fabrics that require dry cleaning cannot be dyed because you cannot wet them and polyester dyeing is difficult and dangerous even for professionals.Check the label on the back of the jacket for the type of fiber used.Make sure the fabric mixture does not include any polyester or dry-clean-only fabrics.
Evaluate the type of dye you need.Cellulose fibers such as cotton, linen and artificial silk require fiberreactive dyes.Protein fibers such as wool and mohair require acid dyes.The type of dye needed to purchase a jacket from an art supplies, crafts store or an online supplier.The information-rich dyeing website of Paula Burch recommends the Lanaset dyes of cellulose-dyed Procion MX and protein fibers.Check the instructions for the dye of your choice for the extra ingredients needed for the formula to make sure you have everything at hand before you start mixing.
Prepare the dye according to the formula instructions.Wear a mask to avoid the dust generated by inhalation of powder dyes.Mix the dye solution in the container you choose to dye and make sure to stir thoroughly.Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands.Completely immerse the winter jacket in the dye mixture.Constantly stir the jacket with your wooden broom handle to avoid stainingAnti-spot.When using the washing machine, reset the washing machine to stir the cycle several times so that the dye solution will not be lost prematurely.
Rinse the dyed winter jacket thoroughly to remove all the excess dyes, otherwise you may have dye bleeding during future washing.In the next washing cycle, wipe the washing machine to prevent stains on the clothes.Let the dyed jacket dry completely before wearing it.
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