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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-30
Sportswear is also called active wear.This is clothing for sports and other sports activities or exercises.This also includes special types of sports and gaming shoes.For practical, safe and comfortable reasons, this special dress is used for physical activity and physical exercise.
The main types of sportswear that are usually used for all games and sports are shorts, sportswear, T-shirts, etc.Shirt, tennis shirt and polo shirt.In addition to this, there are some special types of clothing that are only used for some specific activities.These include wet suits for swimming, diving and surfing, salopettes for skiing, and leotards for gymnastics.
There are also different types of underwear used in sports activities, such as riding belts and sports bras.Sometimes, sports clothing is also used as a casual fashion clothing.In sports, most athletes use different combinations of clothing such as pants, shirts, sneakers, etc.
In some sports, players also need to wear protective equipment such as helmets and body armor for American football.There are usually sports cars produced and designed by different brands on the market.The most common factor in almost all sportswear is that they are usually designed to be light in weight so that clothing does not cause any discomfort to the wearer.
This can be best illustrated with an example.Clothing used for cycling cannot be bulky, as this can cause too much resistance when riding a bike.Fashion brands ecipo and baxx that produce sportswear give more attention to these factors.
If not, the clothes produced cannot be used as perfect sportswear.Footwear commonly used in sports is called sneakers, among which ruyff trainershave has gained greater popularity.Except from nonBulky sportswear must also be loose enough to allow the variety of sports required for physical activity.
There should be no restrictions on movements that may adversely affect their performance.Some game activities such as karate and Keikogi also require some specific style requirements.In this type of sport and game, it is not possible to use the normal type of sports clothing such as pants and jerseys.
Sports such as American football, ice hockey and fencing require some protective equipment.Sportswear is produced and designed by almost all fashion brands, such as the two.There are also different types of standardized sportswear for use as uniforms on different occasions.
In games with rival teams, team members are usually identified by the color of the clothing code.Suitable sportswear for sports such as wrestling, track and field, dance, gymnastics, swimming, etc.Elastic fibers are the general materials used.
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