hot pink running leggings THE FISHING REPORT

by: INGOR     2019-08-22
hot pink running leggings THE FISHING REPORT
Dave Jacobs, a River Guide, lives in the Great Valley of reading, but spends his winter on the north coast, where the steel head River takes those who pay JacobsThis is not to say that the central valleys and their rivers, large and small, are difficult for the eyes, nor that the fishing they provide is not interesting, or that there is no merit and various attributes of it.The north coast in winter is a very special place.Hallowed.A peak land relative to the ocean, where evergreen trees rain on Moss, fog rises from the river, too beautiful, even if you have tried, can not be expressed in words, if you do, may the ghost of Zane Gray help you.This is a key place for timing and intense skills.A great lie, a lie that "we didn't catch fish, but it's enough to be there", is almost plausible, if not excusable.Most of the time, it is where there is a river that steelhead still returns.Some people will say that some people are caught, and the fishing life will often change after that.Dave Jacobs can lead the way.He is a serious man, a professional fisherman, and the Smith River is still pushing up on Monday night when he goes out to find fish with a friend.The next day Jacobs was booked to guide and wanted to know what to know.He and a friend were on the fork in the middle, fishing from the bank, they landed a steel head from a run, before dumping on the ledge and becoming the rapids below, this runThe guy with Jacobs.Bob Baker is his name.Another fish was caught, and the fish took off because of the bottleneck.If it reaches a narrow place, it will definitely disappear.Anyway, the guy was nailed to the rock and he lost to the fish.Dave sat on a rock near the river.What did he say, Bob put down the bars and reels with steel heads, and Dave did what he told the client to do.He walked into the river in a wading boat and climbed out of his thigh.Then he reached the fishing rod, rolled into the green water and pointed the fish head to the end of the fish's ass, which put a lot of pressure on the fish and should turn the steel head over, old Roy tastes really good.It worked well, except that the fish ran another lap downstream, and as a result the guide's wrist was bent up and down until he had to put down the rod or go to the emergency room.What happens next, the saint's guide does not recommend, but he first plunged into the cold water and actually saw what looked like a scroll through the drink, his fingertips in half a monthThe rods, reels, and everything else disappeared."I put on the wading belt, but the wading person is full," Jacobs said calmly ."."I said to myself, 'Come up now, or you will be finished.I'm really close.I feel like I miss the wide receiver for the race-winning catch.Oh well.I came over and we had a good laugh."It was a G.Loomis 1084 c IMX with brand name-If you happen to see it swim, the new Abu Garcia 6500...Jacobs and his client landed on Tuesday and released 7 steel head fish between 8 and 11 pounds, all of which were made with a sea Finch (hot pink, flowing in the direction of turbidity as water ).On Wednesday, he drove back to reading to celebrate his 41 th birthday and planned to go to the coast to catch eel on Friday, where he ate 20-Fish days in the past few seasons.As he points out, weekends are a golden time for pursuing steel heads on these rivers.Chetco and Smith have fallen to a level where they can express their opinions, although the latter should remain a certain color throughout the weekend.Harvey Yang Zhou hid in the upper Chetco on Monday and Tuesday, and four fish landed two days ago.On Wednesday, he led his clients down the river from Leeb Park and was shocked by the number of drift boats, tour guides and anglers."Yes," he said. "It's a bit like floating on fanness (Avenue.Something happened around."His team landed three fish on the natural fish with orange fish balls.Yang also has a question to ask.He has been guiding the Chetco River and the Smith River since 1979 and is interested in fishing with steel head fish every year.Yang: "Please let go of the wild steel head.It's simple to ask this question.You can raise a lot of hatching fish in the river.OK?" OK....MORE: Mahogany Creek may be shaped by the end of the week, and the nearby Mad may even be a little green....The situation of the Russians is very rare, and their ideal water flow passes through Cloverdale, Gladsville and Hillsborough, just below....There are also remote Gualala, Navarro and Garcia rivers, but you 'd better know the water, or better yet, meet someone you can call to update before getting on the bus....Back in the Central Valley, even if there are few fish in it, Americans will open up their steel trips.One of the few remaining or willing to stay blue fish boats has been busy on the city's waterfront, from near the Ferry Building to Red to McCovey Bay, where, finally, they can do it without too many people being suspicious and pointing.It is said that one of the boats was unloading on a processor at Fisherman's Wharf a few days ago, and said that when it came in, the belly of the boat rode deep into the water, filled with green fish.When Franklin coaxed his charter, he saw the bluefish boat.The only boat from the pier on Saturday.He wanted to know if there was a herring spawn near the hunter or Oyster Point, but in any case he ran to Auckland Airport and stayed with a good stable thing.He marked what looked like a bait at the bottom, measured it with another hair sounder, and determined that the "bait ball" was Sturgeon, putting down the anchor.The day will be slower for the only one, but its three-person group has a 60 inch breeder, releasing an undersized fish, and having fun even with all the goldfish and the undersized leopard sharks, they pose a threat to bait and line.James Smith from Berkeley and Dawn of California sent a dozen anglers on Sunday.They're in the same area, 15 to 20 feet of the water from the east --He and his team landed eight sturgeon fish from legal Airport and landed 65 inch kilometers.They were lured by mud shrimp and ghost shrimp.Every fish is a ghost shrimp....Weekend: The tide is just asking for fishing and there will be a big ebb in the afternoon.North Bay: On Wednesday, a boat with anglers and soul fish drove, but soon returned, followed by a smooth wind.If you can't tell the Sturgeon pump from the roll, then there's no point on the water, that's what was promised on the day, so that's why hangdog returns.There are Chinese turtles in the bay. in the days when the wind is slightly weakened, the ship will leave, break down and catch fish.On Monday and Tuesday, despite the weak tides, the owner of the bait believed that if the occupants of the above-mentioned boat bought bait from him, each boat would capture at least one sturgeon fish,He sells grass shrimp and ghost shrimp, but he says it's mainly mud shrimp, although you read about it, Keith Fraser claims to be bait.All this leads to the weekend, Friday-Saturday-The tide on Sunday is really good for anglers.Bay, pumphhouse, Shellbank, Hamilton Field Flats, Mountain Hill and Sonoma Creek outside the Chinese camp-should produce.Delta: Flash Talmadge describes fishing as "good up and down", which means he has four restrictions on a trip and goes out on his own and catches 75-Inch sturgeon then took a group of beginners who lost one and gave birth to one, though it was 2 1/2 higher than the law had to be released.There seems to be a large amount of Sturgeon passing through the Susen Bay, and if the sea warms (it hovers between 47 and 49 degrees all the time), so does fishing.Still ...On Saturday, at Martinez Pier, the diamond classic captures and releases strindby.A related panel discussion will be held to discuss the issue of fishing Chinese turtles from 7 to 9.m.On Friday, at Martinez Rod gun club, you can ask questions to experts and buy a $25 Derby ticket.
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