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hoodies and sweaters Tie Dye Hoodies

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-28
If you want to make a statement about a styleBack, choose a hoodie with a tie-dyed.Here we show you how to easily color your hoodie and sweatshirt in this style.The hippie movement in the 1960 s highlighted several different things, the most important of which was the concepts of freedom, equality and wandering.
The movement has also contributed significantly to the world's culture and lifestyle.The most important lifestyle left by the hippie movement is the unique and beautiful fabricPrinted design known as tie dye.If you are a hippie in a closet, or just like to dress up Bohemian people from time to time, then there will definitely be at least one tie dye dress in your wardrobe.
If you don't, one of the most fashionable items so far is the hoodie.If you look at the concept from a philosophical point of view, you will find that it is a fusion of modern fashion with old technology and ideals.If you are familiar with tie dyes, then you will know that the design on the fabric is determined by some factors, such as the way you tie your clothes and the pattern you apply the dye to the fabric.
Since it is hand printed, each design is unique and that's why the hoodie stands out.The process of tie-dyeing is very simple. you can try different patterns at home to create a design that suits your aesthetic feeling.If you are not familiar with the art, remember to use bright and vivid colors, which is a different factor.
 -- x8fxa0Wash the jersey in warm water and rinse it thoroughly.Avoid the use of any form of chemicals or softener.Dry the jersey.Decide on a specific pattern, then bundle the hoodie together according to the design and tie it up with a thick rubber band.
Twist and tie the parts you are making.
Then prepare the dye.
Carefully follow the instructions given on the dye package.Immerse the hoodie in the dye.If you use a different color to make a specific pattern, remember to make the first color dry before you dip it in the second color. -- x8fxa0Once it absorbs the color you want, rinse it under cold water, let the excess water drain and dry it.
 -- x8fxa0Let it dry for at least one day and then wash with warm water.From the peace sign to the spiral and even the stripes, you can use many different designs on the hoodie.Use a pattern that appeals to you.If you just started the process of cooperationDyeing, stick to the basic design, you can try more once you are more familiar with the art form.
Wearing such a personalized hoodie is not only a fashion statement, but also a practical statement.Not only is it difficult for a person wearing such a jersey to be ignored, but to some extent he also announces his ideology and beliefs
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